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Not to be confused with Chen
"He makes it sound so simple. China's not simple; it's very complicated."

— Mrs. Chen

Mrs. Chen is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. She is a former asset to Kovic and assists him on his infiltration into the Tsu Yuntao's compound.


Mrs. Chen worked as a filing clerk in the Ministry of Procurement as well as an information asset for Kovic. For the equivalent of a year's salary, she would deliver information to him that proved invaluable, such as orders for helicopters from Russia or negotiations with the French for missiles. Kovic paid her especially well because he liked her and admired how she handled China's horrid bureaucracy. She was once married but became widowed with her husband's supposed death. It was revealed, however, that he was in fact alive and was merely absent for bureaucratic expediency.

Mrs. Chen eventually left the city and moved back to her home village. Kovic made a point to stay in contact with her afterwards and eventually called upon her to help him find and infiltrate Tsu Yuntao's compound.