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The Munitionspanzer IV, was a German support vehicle used during World War II. Built from a modified Panzer IV chassis, Munitionspanzers had their turrets removed and were refitted to carry ammunition and supplies for troops. They had no primary guns and instead relied on gunner positions on the hull equipped with MG34s for defense. A specialized variant of the Munitionspanzer equipped with a crane, called the Munitionsschlepper, were used to transport and load the two ton shells used by the Karl-Gerät siege mortar during the eastern campaigns.

Battlefield 1942[edit | edit source]

The Munitions Panzer is a halftrack/APC featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion, issued to the German Elite Forces and appearing exclusively on Raid on Agheila.

It will uniquely resupply nearby German troops and acts as a mobile spawn point, as long as vehicle isn't full or it isn't destroyed. The Munitions Panzer can seat six players, one driver, one gunner who mans an MG42, and four passengers. The driver has ability to drop Anti-armor mines.Compared to M4A1 MMC used by the British SAS, the Panzer has more armor and the passengers aren't exposed. Disadvantages of vehicle are that it is much slower, and can easily get overwhelmed by rockets and grenades. The Vehicle has a granted ability to drop land mines from back, giving it a greater advantage over the M4A1 MMC's Mortar, as the mines can be advantagefully used to stop chasing vehicles and create traps without engineer.

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