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Myanmar is a map featured in Battlefield Play4Free that was added on May 29th, 2012[1], bringing the game's total map count to eight.


"In an effort to reinforce its Atlantic fleet in the Persian Gulf, the Russian Army has launched a major offensive to take out the American airbases protecting the South China Sea. With the American installations destroyed, the Russian Pacific Fleet would be able to move through the Malacca Strait, and engage the depleted American fleet holding the Persian Gulf.

"Russian Ground Forces are now moving stealthily through the jungles of Southeast Asia along the historic hidden trails aiming to destroy the crucial air assets in the region. Intercepted communications have allowed American Marines in the region to be rapidly deployed in an effort to halt this Russian offensive, protect the crucial airbases in the region, and stop the Russian Navy from gaining control of the Indian Ocean and, ultimately, the Persian Gulf.

"Welcome to the jungle soldiers!"


Flag of the Russian ground forces Russian Ground Forces
Light vehicle(s)


Infantry fighting vehicle(s)


USMC logo USMC 3rd Marine Division
Light vehicle(s)


Infantry fighting vehicle(s)



  • US Base
  • A: River
  • B: Temple
  • C: Outpost
  • D: Bridge
  • RU Base



  • Before the map was released, there was a competition in the official forums where players came up with names for the map.
  • The folder containing the map's files is named "Trail", showing that a different name for this map was used while in development. Myanmar and Basra are the only maps so far to use different names for their files, most-likely because they were not featured in Battlefield 2.