Nj2046 01

The NJ 2046 in real life.

The NJ 2046 is a high mobility truck jointly produced by Nanjing Motor Corporation of China and IVECO of Italy introduced in 2001. The vehicle itself is Chinese-produced and designated variant of the IVECO 40.10WM military truck, and the two are nearly identical. The NJ 2046 is armed with a ring-mounted Type 85 HMG that can be replaced by an HJ-8 ATGM launcher if necessary in an anti-armor role.

Battlefield 2Edit

The NJ 2046 is the light vehicle of the People's Liberation Army. Its USMC/SEALs/SAS/EU and MEC/Spetsnaz/Rebels equivalents are the HMMWV and the GAZ-3937 Vodnik, respectively.

The vehicle is a better-protected infantry transportation platform compared to the DPV/FAV, with a slight mobility and agility trade-off in return. The vehicle possesses identical speed and armor stats compared to its counterparts, and any differences between them are mostly aesthetic save for the passenger's seating layout and the vehicle size itself. It is more similar to the Vodnik as its side-by-side passenger layout is the same as the Vodnik, and its size is also more similar to the Vodnik than the smaller HMMWV, putting both itself and the Vodnik and at a slight disadvantage compared to the HMMWV. Like other vehicles in the class, it is armed with a Type 85 HMG mounted on a 360-degree-capable turret for self-defense against infantry and other light vehicles, with the gunner being protected from ground-level small arms fire by the ballistic shield in front of the weapon's receiver.