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The Norinco Hawk 982 is a combat shotgun produced by Chinese company Hawk Group for export. It is imported into the United States by Chinese company Norinco.

The shotgun has a 14 inch (360 mm) smoothbore barrel and is a near-identical copy of the American Remington 870 due to the design no longer being protected by a patent.

Battlefield 2[]

"This shotgun has a standard 12 gauge pump action which has become very popular due to its low fabrication cost. Its internal magazine has a capacity of five rounds plus one additional round in the chamber."

— In-game description

The NOR982 is a 12-gauge, pump-action combat shotgun featured in Battlefield 2, issued to the PLA Engineer kit.

Like the other pump-action shotguns, it is capable of achieving one-hit kills at medium-close distances, and inflicting fair damage even out to its maximum range. It has a low rate of fire and a slow reload rate.


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