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The Denel NTW-20 is a multi-caliber anti-materiel rifle produced in South Africa since the 1990s. It can be chambered for cartridges ranging from 14.5×114mm to 20×110mm Hispano-Suiza, feeding from a magazine mounted on the weapon's left side. The 65-pound weapon is fielded by a crew of two, one carrying the receiver, and the other the barrel and ammunition. To aid in carrying, a large rounded carrying handle is often affixed to the weapon.

A future variant of the weapon dubbed the NTW-50 appears in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042[]

"This South African high-caliber anti-material rifle is designed for neutralizing engine blocks and gun emplacements."

— In-game description

The NTW-50 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, first seen on Battlefield 2042 Gameplay - New Look At Battlefield Portal trailer. It is the very last weapon to be unlocked at level 60.

The NTW-50 is unique among the current array of sniper rifles by having the ability to deal 120 damage to anything within 100 meters, killing any target with a single shot, regardless of whether or not they are wearing IBA Armor Plates. Afterwards, a follow-up shot will be nescessary as the damage will drop off to 90.

To counteract this immense damage potential, the NTW-50 has the slowest rechambering time, taking almost a full three seconds to rack the bolt. The NTW-50 also has the slowest reload out of all snipers, taking a 4.16 seconds to load a fresh magazine, and almost another 2 more second when reloading it from empty. This is not ideal with such a low magazine capacity, at only 5 rounds. The velocity of these rounds are also the slowest and drop the most out of all sniper rounds. Because of these reasons combined, the NTW is one of the most satisfying yet extremely unforgiving weapons in the game.

Due to the extreme weight of the NTW-50, Webster Mackay's Nimble trait will not activate while aiming down the sights.

The NTW-50 includes vehicles destroyed along with kills for its progression, like the SFAR-M GL. After 120 kills or vehicles destroyed, the NTW-50 gains Anti-Materiel High-Power rounds. It is advised to stay away from these rounds, as the damage between the High-Power and normal rounds is negligible, with High-Power rounds doing an average of 3 more damage to vehicles. Users lose a round in the magazine, putting them at 3 + 1 rounds in the chamber while still retaining the three second rechamber, and also losing out on the one-hit kill potential on infantry that the NTW-50 once had.

Against vehicles, the NTW-50's main purpose, it struggles against things like the Recoilless M5 and even underbarrel grenade launchers, which both put down more damage against vehicles much faster than the NTW-50 can.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-99m 100-149m >150m
Anti-Material 120 90 90
Anti-Material High-Power 90 90 75



Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Carbon Series Carbon Series
NTW-50 Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Drought Drought
Master of Arms Premium Battle Pass tier 64
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Noble Noble
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 21
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Uprising Uprising
New Dawn Free Battle Pass tier 62
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Repose Repose
EA Play reward
300 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (Horrow Show Bundle)
Prime Gaming reward
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Tier 1 Tier 1
NTW-50 Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Star Defender Star Defender
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 97
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Executeable Executeable
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,000 BFC (Tech Exploit Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Scalpel Scalpel
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,000 BFC (Visceral Bundle)
4,000 BFC (Liquidators Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Equinox Equinox
Escalation Premium Battle Pass tier 99
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Epicenter Epicenter
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,750 BFC (In Extremis Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Clover Clover
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 44
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Arctic Wind Arctic Wind
Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Horde Hunter Horde Hunter
750 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,400 BFC (Dead Head Bundle)


  • The original description was "South African high-caliber anti-material rifle, designed for neutralizing engine blocks and gun emplacements. Able to destroy dreams at up to 1,500m.". This was changed in a later update.