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The Denel NTW-20 is a multi-caliber anti-materiel rifle produced in South Africa since the 1990s. It can be chambered for cartridges ranging from 14.5×114mm to 20×110mm Hispano-Suiza, feeding from a magazine mounted on the weapon's left side. The 65-pound weapon is fielded by a crew of two, one carrying the receiver, and the other the barrel and ammunition. To aid in carrying, a large rounded carrying handle is often affixed to the weapon.

A future variant of the weapon dubbed the NTW-50 (apparently chambered for a .50 caliber cartridge) appeared on Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042[]

"South African high-calibre anti-material rifle, designed for neutralizing engine blocks and gun emplacements. Able to destroy dreams at up to 1,500m."

— In-game description

The NTW-50 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, first seen on Battlefield 2042 Gameplay - New Look At Battlefield Portal trailer. It is the very last weapon to be unlocked at level 60.

The NTW-50 is unique amongst the current sniper rifles by having the longest maximum damage range of 150 metres, Hitting anything within that range for 110 damage, Killing any target within a single shot provided they are not wearing armour. To counteract this immense damage potential, The NTW-50 has the slowest rechambering time making missed shots extremely unforgiving, Paired up with its slow velocity makes it extremely difficult to use at a range on moving targets. Additionally, Due to the extreme weight of the NTW 50, Webster Mackay's Nimble perk will not activate while aiming down the sights.

After 120 kills, The NTW 50 gains anti material rounds, At the cost of decreased infantry damage, One can puncture armoured vehicles with ease, Allowing one to pester vehicles, Keeping them in bay.