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For the character in Battlefield 1, see Narrator (Battlefield 1).
"It is in the moment of truth that we uncover who we really are. What sacrifices we can endure. What choices we can live with. Pushed beyond any known breaking point, we discover what we are capable of, and accept the truth of who we must become. Because survival is not a given - we must fight for it."

— The Narrator in the Single Player Trailer.

The Narrator is a British character featured in Battlefield V. As with the similarly named character in Battlefield 1, the Narrator plays an active part in the prologue war story My Country Calling, while also linking the four other campaigns together through dialogue. Unlike the Battlefield 1 narrator however, he is only heard during that singular chapter as well as the Epilogue.


Little is known about the character, other than he played some active part in the war. He recounts wisdom from his father, who also has a military background, that "...when a soldier sees the enemy as a fellow man, they are no longer a good soldier". The narrator admits that he was "a good soldier". During the epilogue, he states that the war is still ongoing, but he has newfound optimism, stating that humanity will "rise from the ashes of these dark times".


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