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The National Police (French: Police nationale) is one of two national police forces and the main civil law enforcement agency of France, with primary jurisdiction in cities and large towns. The other main agency is the military Gendarmerie, with primary jurisdiction in smaller towns and rural and border areas. The National Police comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior and has about 144,000 employees.

The National Police operates mostly in large cities and towns. In that context, it conducts security operations, and under the orders and supervision of the investigating magistrates of the judiciary, it conducts criminal inquiries, serves search warrants, et cetera.

Battlefield 3Edit

The National Police appear alongside the GIGN in the singleplayer and co-op modes of Battlefield 3, in the levels taking place in Paris.


The National Police appear as an enemy in Comrades. They are replaced by the GIGN at the end of the level.


The Police appear in Drop 'Em Like Liquid at the beginning of the level. They carry UMP-45 submachine guns. They also are seen surrounding the Euronext Stock Exchange with GIGN Soldiers during The Eleventh Hour, where they throw smoke grenades, and assist in the assault.




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