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Natter in real life.

The Natter rocket plane (English: Viper, Adder) was a World War II rocket powered interceptor designed by German engineer Erich Bachem. Thirty-six were produced with the only manned flight resulting in the death of the pilot.

Battlefield 1942[]

"An insane idea that was brought to light, the Natter is essentially a cockpit strapped to a rocket engine. The Natter flies with full rocket thrust at all times, but the limited fuel supply and lack of landing gear means the pilot has to bail when the fuel runs out. Equipped with nose mounted missiles, the Natter is a danger to both air and ground troops."

— Tooltip, Natter Rocket Airplane

Featured in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, the Natter is a fighter jet issued to the German Elite Forces. It has one position and fires four rockets at a time. It is lightly armored and won't survive concentrated small arms or anti-aircraft fire, though this is offset by the Natter's sheer speed and maneuverability. It is best used against ground targets.

The Natter appears on the map "Hellendoorn", wherein there are two possible spawn sites for the Natter, one in Sector F5 and the other in Sector C2 (the latter being if the flag is captured by the German team). The Natter also appears on the map "Peenemünde". Two Natters are placed at the German base at the airstrip, next to the hangar in which the HO-229 is located.

Unlike conventional aircraft, it takes off from a special launching unit. Once launched, it will maintain flight until its fuel runs out (a couple of minutes) and will then slowly start to descend. It cannot be landed properly, so it is advised to eject the plane and parachute to safety. It has a Rocket launcher with 20 rockets, which can be fired without stopping. It has very little health, and is vulnerable to AA guns, Machine guns and even pistols can destroy it in one clip.