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Navin Rao is a specialist featured in Battlefield 2042. He is a hacker and ex-MARCOS (Marine Commando Force of India) officer. He was first mentioned in the "Journey of the No-Pats" blog post[1], and briefly seen as a playable character in the Open Beta trailer. Rao was later revealed with four other specialists in between the Open Beta and launch.


The most technical-minded of the No-Pat Task Force, Rao studied electronics and engineering in his youth while suffering from a debilitating illness. Once recovered, he was determined to utilize his skills to support his country by joining the Indian Armed Forces and later the Navy Marine Commando Unit (MARCOS). While assigned to secure Non-Patriated refugees, he was a part of a disastrous mission resulting in heavy casualties. After his discharge, he reached out to his No-Pat contacts and decided to put his talents as a Recon soldier to use in their cause.

Joining the Task Force gave him a way to protect those who needed it the most and perhaps, make amends for his part in the failed mission.[2]


"Scramble enemy vehicle systems, disable Rangers, or trigger base defences from a distance."

Official Battlefield website

Rao comes with the Cyber Warfare Suite as his specialty.


"Hack into enemy systems for valuable intel."

Official Battlefield website

Rao comes with Trojan Network as his trait.