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The NetBat Helmet (Network Battlefield System) is an advanced piece of equipment used by soldiers in the 22nd Century by both the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition. It is featured in Battlefield 2142.


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The NetBat Helmet serves two basic functions. The first is to protect a soldier's head from damaging explosions and flying projectiles that would result in fatal or severely hampering injury. The second is to provide the soldier with advanced logistical support.

The HUD of the helmet's visor displays the soldiers medical state, stamina state, a minimap and weapons readings. It also displays a targeting reticule for each weapon for when the sights are not being used. Various icons are marked on objects in the soldiers vision. For example, friendly units are marked with blue circles, squad mates are marked with green circles and spotted enemies are marked with a red diamond (for as long as they are tracked).

Each helmet is connected to all other helmets on the battlefield and a command unit. For example, a commander can send down an order to a squad leader, who then transmits the order to the squad members. On the flip side, a squad member can send a request for a UAV which is sent to the squad leader, who then can choose to relay that request to the commander.

The NetBat system allows the targeting of enemy troops, vehicles and locations as well. A user can 'spot' a hostile that they have seen, which is then shown on the HUD of all of their squadmates. The spotted hostile is then also marked on the minimap, which soldiers in other squads can use.

The NetBat system features several other uses on the battlefield as well, including location icons for gadgets and mine and support icons when giving or receiving health, ammo, or repairs.

The NetBat system's software can be easily updated and then downloaded by its users which allows soldiers to increase their capabilities even further as the software's level of detail is increased. In addition to base updates, there are four specialisations available, one for each infantry class:


Perhaps the only disadvantage to the NetBat system and helmet is vulnerability to an Electromagnetic Pulse. When any kind of EMP weaponry is used or detonated in the vicinity of the NetBat, the HUD will fail and cause the image that the soldier uses and sees to become distorted. This disorientates the user, making it incredibly hard to aim. In addition to this, all HUD icons are disabled or equally distorted. This effect can last for up to 30 seconds; a lethal time frame.


NetBat Infantry IDEdit

"Network Battlefield System has introduced the latest enhancement to the NetBat™ technology. The new net-centric warfare system allows soldiers equipped with the Infantry ID nano-mod to query an onboard database to identify infantry targets. The nano-mod will assess, analyze and report on the target soldier’s kit and assign an ID based on a 98% certainty. The nano-mod update is flexible enough to send and receive battle data over its synth-flex battle network, allowing everyone in the squad to receive the information."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The NetBat Infantry ID is available to the Assault class. This upgrade allows the assault soldier to see an enemy's health.

NetBat Vehicle IDEdit

"The NetBat™ Vehicle ID is the first in a new line of upgrades to the successful Network Battlefield System. Combining the latest nanotech modifications with the synth-fl ex battle network allows a soldier to identify an enemy vehicle and transmit the data to all members of the network."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The NetBat Vehicle ID is available to the Engineer class. This upgrade allows an engineer to see a vehicle's armor state.

NetBat Active Camo IDEdit

"NetBat™ Active Camo ID was introduced as a countermeasure to the IT-33 active camouflage system. It is designed to detect, track, and report on the energy signature of the active camo system. If a soldier activates or deactivates an IT-33 system within the detection radius of the NetBat™ Active Camo ID, the system will instantly report the activity to the user and other members of the Networked Battlefield."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The NetBat Active Camo ID is available to the Engineer class. This upgrade allows the support soldier to automatically spot active camo users, both on cloaking and uncloaking.

NetBat Fade DelayEdit

"Part of the 3.0 update to the Network Battlefield System, the new Fade Delay nano-mod interfaces with existing modules to enhance their performance. The target acquisition algorithm provides longer on-mark feedback allowing soldiers employing the system to track their targets for longer. As with the other NetBat™ nano-mods, the information is both uplinkable and downlinkable to all soldiers who are plugged into the squad’s battle network."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The NetBat Fade Delay is available to the Recon class. This upgrade allows the recon soldier to continue tracking a spotted soldier much longer.

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