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For the thermal vision weapon sights, see IRNV and FLIR

US Army Rangers equipped with Night Vision Goggles during a night patrol

Night Vision Goggles, also called NVGs or NODs (Night Optical/Observation Devices), are special helmet mounted binoculars used by military forces to allow soldiers to see in low light conditions. The goggles perform this by using an image intensifier, a vacuum-tube device that converts invisible light into visible light to produce a dimly lit image. The AN/PVS series is the one of the more commonly used NVGs by the United States military, along with the more recently developed GPNVP goggles.

Battlefield 2Edit

"The night vision goggles will help you see in the dark."

— In-game description

Night Vision Goggles is a piece of equipment featured in Battlefield 2: Special Forces. It allows players to see in a dark environment. They can be activated by pressing 7 on the keyboard. While using Night Vision, the player's HUD will be lit with a green tint. Activating night vision does remove some of your peripheral vision, and, should the user be exposed to a flashbang blast, the blinding effect will be amplified by the goggles.

The goggles also have a limited battery life, which can be recharged by turning them off for a while. They can be useful on dark maps such as Leviathan and Night Flight, but are unusable on day or well-lit maps like Warlord and Iron Gator.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Night Vision Goggles amplify light and allow you to see in low light areas. They are vulnerable to blinding effects from flashlights and lasers. However you can toggle them on and off. It will not function with mid or long range optics."

— In-game description

Night Vision Goggles are an all-class gadget released in Battlefield Hardline: Blackout. They provide improved visibility in dark areas by amplifying light sources and brightening the player's view.

The Night Vision Goggles function somewhat similarly to their Battlefield 2 counterparts. They are equipped in a gadget slot and can be toggled on and off by hitting the button for the corresponding slot, but are activated by default when the player spawns. The goggles provide vision similar to the IRNV scope, brightening the player's view with a green tint and giving players a more noticeable outline, but they do not illuminate heated objects, instead amplifying light sources with white light. Similar to the Gas Mask and FR Mask, the goggles will limit the player's field of view when active with its outline, primarily on the bottom and top of the screen. The goggles can be used with all low-magnification weapon optics, but will be automatically disabled when aiming with any optic with a magnification above 3.5x.

The appearance of the gadget is specific to both factions; Law Enforcers will wear a black balaclava and helmet with GPNVP goggles, while Criminals wear a black balaclava and use AN/PVS goggles on a head strap. Like other masks and helmets, the Goggles cannot be worn alongside other pieces of Headgear.



Battlefield 2Edit

  • The night vision goggles, like the gas mask, is considered a weapon in Battlefield 2, and even has its own kill message ("Night Vision Goggles").

Battlefield 3Edit

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