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Nitrous oxide engine is an engine in which the oxygen required for burning the fuel stems from the decomposition of nitrous oxide (N2O) rather than air. The system increases the internal combustion engine's power output by allowing fuel to be burned at a higher rate than would normally be the case, because of the higher partial pressure of oxygen injected into the fuel mixture.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Stunt Driver equips any ground vehicle with a nitrous oxide boost, allowing the driver to accelerate quickly out of danger. In addition, drivers trained as Stunt Drivers take less damage when colliding with other vehicles or road hazards."

— In-game description

Stunt Driver is a passive gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline for vehicles. The gadget only functions while the player is driving a ground vehicle, as such it have no effect when the player is on foot or piloting an air or sea vehicle. When driving, the vehicle will be equipped with a nitrous oxide boost that can be engaged by using Sprint.

This will rapidly accelerate the vehicle for as long as Sprint is held, allowing the player to quickly escape an area or ram a target. The vehicle also becomes much more resilient to collisions, both with other vehicles and objects in the vehicle's path, although its vulnerability to gunfire and other attacks remains unaffected. Aesthetically, flames will be emitted from the vehicle's exhaust and the engine will become louder.

As objective vehicles in Hotwire cannot be equipped with vehicle Specializations, Stunt Driver can be particularly useful to improve a Hotwired vehicle's utility. The added speed boost will give the driver an edge during chases, and the reduced collision damage will keep the vehicle active for longer.

Battlefield V[]

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Nitrous is an air vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield V. It is available for the Spitfire, Blenheim, Ju-88A, Stuka B-1, and Bf 109 G-6. Once activated, it provides a small boost in speed to aircraft.