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The Non-Patriated, shortened to "No-Pats", is the term used for a loose conglomeration of refugees and exiles appearing in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042[]

In the setting of Battlefield 2042, "No-Pats" are refugees displaced from their homelands by the events of the 2030s, whether by environmental change or societal collapse. Following a period of rebuilding, over one billion refugees remain unable or unwilling to exercise their right of return, and instead unite under a global, non-national identity.

The Blackout of 2040, caused by a Kessler Effect of space debris, leads to the destruction of the world's constellation of satellites, and in turn further collapse of society. No-Pats are now sought after as traditional avenues of trade vanish, but are just as quickly persecuted. The militant among the No-Pats create Task Forces to help navigate the increasingly treacherous world, providing protection and movement for their civilian brethren.

As the United States and Russia engage in a new Cold War, the Task Forces become convenient proxy combatants for the two remaining superpowers. Division within the No-Pat community also increases as one faction seeks to stir open war between the two nations and benefit from the chaos, while another faction opposes them directly.


Certain No-Pats dubbed "Specialists" take a prominent role in the conflict, making use of unique equipment and abilities in combat.

In gameplay, specialists are exclusively human players, with AI filling open slots as generic soldiers.



  • "Non-Patriated" is derived from the term "repatriate" which refers to individuals who have returned to their home country, something the No-Pats either refuse or are unable to do.

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