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Battlefield V - Elites - Norman Kingsley

Battlefield V - Elites - Norman Kingsley

"We are given few chances in a lifetime. To be bold. To have the courage and rise in the face of danger. To find unity among others. My chance will not be wasted."

— Norman Kingsley

Norman Kingsley is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Allied Powers in The Company. He was released alongside Ilse Schattenwolf on July 30, 2019 as a part of Tides of War Chapter 4 Defying The Odds. He is available for purchase for 990Boins.

As with other Elites, Norman features a unique victory animation and an exclusive melee weapon: the British Naval Dagger. It is unlocked upon completion of Norman's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: London, England

Proven experience as an explorer in the most hostile environments. Wilderness survival instructor. Endurance beyond the norm. Declined a commission to remain with his company. Expert rifleman. Uncanny ability to find unknown flanking routes in the most unfavorable terrain.

Norman is considered a good luck omen among teammates. Once this Brit arrives, things seem to turn in his team's favor. A skillful problem solver and expert rifleman, Norman possesses impressive skills in exploring hostile environments - along endurance beyond the norm.

Special AssignmentEdit

Image Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments
  • Complete any three tasks
    • Capture 10 objectives
    • Heal yourself or squadmates for 1,000 health.
    • Kill or down 12 enemies in a round.
    • Kill or kill assist in killing 25 enemies while in a vehicle or stationary weapon.
  • British Naval Dagger


"It's Kingsley. Norman Kingsley. Reporting for duty... imminently."

"We will find a way - or we will make one."

"Explosives are set. Eight. Five. Four for luck. That makes nine. That's one. And again one. Lucky seven. Six. Ten. That's three. Two."


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