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Objective Mode is an objective-based gamemode that was introduced in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. It requires players to accomplishing specific objectives in order to win the battle. This is similar to a mode on the Battle of Britain map that was introduced through a patch.

Six of the expansion pack's eight maps are configured for the gamemode, which in every case involves the Allies as the attackers and the Germans attempting to defend map emplacements. For example, Kbely Airfield features a sprawling German airbase with two huge hangars that contain alien saucers. The Germans must defend the multiple entrances to their base against Allied incursion and keep the alien craft from being destroyed.

Mimoyecques plays similar to Battle of Britain but in reverse. The Allies start off on a small island with an AW-52 bomber spawn point, as well as a C-47 transport plane. The Allies will need to cross a large expanse of water in order to destroy a V3 rocket base held by the Germans on the other side of the channel.

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