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Objective Mode is an objective-based game mode that was introduced in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. It requires players to destroy specific objectives, or defend them until the enemy’s tickets run out, in order to win the battle.

The attacking team starts with tickets that are set by the server, and constantly loses tickets throughout the game. The defending team always starts with 100 tickets and loses them in proportion to the damage taken by the objectives. The defending team can restore tickets by repairing objectives; this is the only way that tickets can increase in the whole game. In addition, any deaths will still have an effect on the tickets of the attacking team, but not on the defending team.

As with other game modes, a team can win by reducing the opponent's tickets to 0: the attacking team by destroying all the objectives, and the defending team by preventing the objectives from being destroyed before the attacking team's tickets run out.

On the minimap, objectives are shown by a circle in the color of the defending team, which also shows the remaining health of the objective.

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