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"Use teamwork to obliterate the enemy by first delivering, then detonating bombs at their bases while defending your own."

— Matchmaking description


Obliteration Medal

Obliteration is a gamemode featured in Battlefield 4. The objective of the mode is for each team to hold control of the bomb which can then be used to arm and destroy an enemy M-COM Station. There is only one bomb active at any given time, which forces both teams to fight for control over it. Furthermore, the bomb spawns in random locations, requiring quick reactions and territory control in order to secure the bomb. By default, Obliteration matches have a preset timer of twenty minutes. However, this can be changed by server owners.

Victory is achieved by destroying all three of the enemy's M-COM stations or by having destroyed more stations when the timer runs out. If both teams hold the same same amount of objectives when the timer ends, the team holding control of the bomb will be the victor. If no team holds control of the bomb then the match will end in a draw.

Squad Obliteration[]

Added with the Dragon's Teeth expansion after testing in the Community Test Environment, Squad Obliteration is an altered version of Obliteration intended for competitive squad versus squad play. It is available on all maps. The playable map size is roughly twice as large as a Team Deathmatch or Defuse game.

Unlike standard Obliteration, the parachute spawn has been removed, only allowing players to spawn at their main deployment or on squadmates. The bomb's timer has also been increased to 45 seconds, giving the defenders more of a chance to defuse the bomb before it explodes. Only two out of three objectives must be destroyed in order to win.



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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Bomb Squad Bomb Squad Deliver 5 Bombs in Obliteration 25G Silver Trophy


  • In the beta, a glitch caused the bomb to get stuck in the ground after being dropped, which resulted in its inability to respawn and the match to go on infinitely. In the final version, the bomb will respawn after a short time.
  • A glitch caused the bomb to teleport to a point over 100m into the sky if it was dropped in deep water that could not be walked in, where it would stay until the bomb would eventually respawn. This was later fixed through a patch.
  • Squad Obliteration was originally named Obliteration Competitive during its testing and initial release phases. It was likely renamed to put it in line with other competitive modes in the series, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush.