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The Rottweil Skeet Olympia 72 (also known as the Model Monreal or the Olympia) is a German-Italian over-under double barreled shotgun. The weapon's design originates from Troisdorf, Germany. It was produced by Italian manufacturer Fratelli Gambaby in 1972 and ceased in the late 1980's.

The Olympia 72 is a single-triggered double barrel shotgun with a 14.75 inch length of pull. Like some other shotguns, the Olympia 72 has auto-ejectors; this allows the shells to be ejected automatically when the weapon is "broken" into two, as opposed to most shotguns having only extractors which cause the shells to pop out a little bit when the weapon is "broken" into two.

The Olympia 72 appears to have adjustable chokes. The weapon has wooden furniture and has ventilated ribs placed above the barrels. A rubber buttplate is placed at the rear of the stock to absorb some recoil. The Olympia 72 can be separated into two parts; the receiver and the barrel.[1][2]

Battlefield Heroes[]

"Pull! Pick out enemy heroes from a distance with this competition grade shotgun."

— In-game Description

Two variants of the Olympia 72 are featured in Battlefield Heroes: the Royal Steven's Sporting Shotgun and National Franz's Fielding Firearm. Both variants were released to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games.