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"Dad! You came back!
Always, big man."

— Omar and Irish

Omar Graves is the son of Kimble "Irish" Graves. He appears in the Exodus Short Film and is mentioned in the Journey of the No-Pats story blog.


Omar Graves is the fourth child of former United States Marine Kimble "Irish" Graves, and is 7 years old by the year 2042. [1] After his father became a No-Pat Specialist and Captain of the MFS-04 Exodus, Omar would accompany Irish on his travels but would remain on the ship during missions that required Irish to disembark. While on these missions, Irish would sometimes bring back toys he had found on the battlefield for Omar.

Exodus Short Film[]

In October 2042, Omar excited greeted Irish in the medbay upon his return from a mission in London, and receives a small dinosaur toy that Irish had found during the mission. Omar questions who the prisoner that Irish had brought back is, who Irish simply describes as "nobody," and tells Omar to return below deck.

Later, the Exodus is attacked by MV38-Condors sent by Oz in retaliation for Irish refusing to hand over the intel he recovered from London. Irish directs the ship into a nearby tropical storm to gain an advantage over the Condors. While the storm destroys two of the Condors, it also heavily batters the Exodus. Omar is almost sent overboard by the ship listing, and is then captured by one of Oz's soldiers.

Omar is held at gunpoint in front of an incapacitated Irish, forcing him to hand over the intel to Oz's men. Irish tells Oz to get his men away from his son, but Oz instead orders for Omar to still be killed. Before the soldier can pull the trigger however, the prisoner from the medbay shoots the soldier from the top deck. Omar watches as the prisoner is then fired on and killed by the Condor, shouting "No!" in dismay at his rescuer's death. Irish pulls Omar to cover behind a nearby shipping container and then shoots down the Condor with a FIM-33 AA Missile. Omar shouts his father's nickname and runs to him as the Condor crashes into the ocean.[2]



  • Omar is the second named child character to appear in the Battlefield series, after Becca Cocchiola in Battlefield 1.
  • Omar's name and age are never mentioned during the Exodus Short Film, and are instead given in the eighth entry of the Journey of the No-Pats story blog, which shows the events of the short film from the perspective of journalist Kayvan Bechir.
  • Irish mentions that he has three children and a wife during the events of Battlefield 4 in 2020, and as Omar is said to be only seven years old by 2042 he cannot be one of the three children mentioned. The status of the other children as well as Irish's wife by the events of 2042 is currently unkown.
  • Omar's name is possibly a reference to the character Omar Little from the TV Show The Wire, who was played by Irish's actor Michael Kenneth Williams and is a role he recieved critical acclaim for.


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