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One Of The Boys is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Still and Silent of the Nordlys War Story.


My dearest May,

It's very hard to be out here and not think about death. It is never far away and has been almost our bread and butter through this whole horrible business. I wanted to set down a few words that, in the event of my death, might comfort and cheer you a little. It is my hope that, should the worst happen, one of the boys I'm serving with will be able to get these few lines back home to you.

First of all, I want you to know that I believe this is a war worth fighting, and a cause worth giving my life for. If I should die out here, please remember that it was not senseless and that I think it is not too big a price to pay to keep you, and all back home, safe and sound. I also want you to know that I love you and that marrying you when I got back would have made me the happiest man in all England. If I can't be there to spend my life with you, please do not mourn me for too long, I want you to have a happy life filled with all the joys that you deserve. I hope you will never read these words, but if you do, know that they are sent with all of my love.

Yours Always


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