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"The Straits of Messina, between Sicily and the southern tip of Italy, are the scene for Operation Baytown, the decisive invasion of Italy by Allied troops. Allied troops occupy the beach on Sicily and advance on Axis troops on the opposing beach of Calabria."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Operation Baytown (Italian: Operazione Baytown) is a map featured in Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome.

Map layout[]

The massive map allows for extensive air to ground warfare, as well as on water with the map's boats. Both teams start with the same number of vehicles, flags and have almost same distance to the closest flag.

All flags are capturable.


Flag of the United Kingdom British Army
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB

Armored personnel carrier(s)


Light tank(s)

M3 Grant

Heavy tank(s)

M10 (singleplayer only)

Self-propelled artillery

Priest (singleplayer only)

Fixed-wing aircraft



MG 42
40mm Bofors

Flag of the Kingdom of Italy Royal Italian Army
Light vehicle(s)


Armored personnel carrier(s)


Light tank(s)

CA M11/39

Tank destroyer(s)

Sturmgeschutz (singleplayer only)

Self-propelled artillery

Wespe (singleplayer only)

Fixed-wing aircraft

Bf 109


MG 42
Flak 38


"This is a HYBRID CONQUEST map.
Intense teamwork is needed by both Axis and Allied forces for this map. Attack the other side by crossing the straits via bridge or LCVP. However, be prepared to defend, as the other side can easily drop in from the skies. The key to victory in a hybrid conquest scenario is domination; maintain control of more than half the control points on the map to drop your enemy's tickets slowly, or gain control of all control points to make the tickets drop quickly. Win the scenario by causing the opponent's tickets to reach zero."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

The Axis village[]

The Italian base, spawning two light tanks, a fighter, a level bomber, and two anti-air emplacements. For the Axis, it spawns two CA M-11/39, a Bf 109, a BF-110 and two flak38 emplacements. For the Allies, it will spawn two M3 Grant, a Spitfire, a Mosquito and two AA_Allies emplacements.

The Allied village[]

The British base, spawning the same types of vehicles as the Italian base.

South Beach[]

An Italian control point to the northwest of the base. For the Axis, it spawns two stationary MG 42, two LCVP and a CA M-11/39. For the Allies, it spawns two stationary MG 42, two LCVP and an M3 Grant.

In singleplayer, if the player plays as the Allies, an additional Sturmgeschütz will spawn for the Axis, turning into an M10 once the Allies capture the flag.

North Beach[]

A British control point to the south of the base, spawning identical vehicles to the South Beach.

In singleplayer, if the player plays as the Axis, an additional M10 will spawn for the Allies, turning into a Sturmgeschutz once the Axis capture the flag.

The Southern house[]

An Italian control point to the northeast of the base, spawning only a Kübelwagen for the Axis, or a Willy for the Allies.

In singleplayer, if the player is on the Allies, an additional Wespe will spawn near this location. It is not tied to the control point.

The Northern house[]

A British control point to the east of the base. For the Allies, it spawns a Willy and an M3A1, and for the Axis, it spawns a Kübelwagen and a Hanomag.

In singleplayer, if the player is on the Axis, an additional Priest will spawn near this location. It is not tied to the control point.

Other emplacements[]

In a bunker on the road between the Northern House and North Beach points, there is a stationary MG 42. Likewise, in a bunker on the road between the Southern House and South Beach points, there are two stationary MG 42. These are not tied to any control point.

Capture the Flag[]

The layouts for vehicles and control points are identical to Conquest. The flags to be captured are located at the control points "The Axis village" and "The Allied village" in Conquest.

Team Deathmatch[]

The layouts for vehicles and control points are identical to Conquest, except the control points "The Axis village" and "The Allied village" are now uncapturable, serving as last resort spawn points.


"The Italian army was far too weak to put up any real resistance to the power of the Allied forces. Precision aerial support, perfect coordination of the Higgins boats, and a fair share of luck made the invasion a relatively simple feat. However, news that Berlin pulled 70,000 troops from Sicily into Italy's interior defense promises that a victory such as this may not come again any time soon."

— British Victory

"Operation Baytown did not run as smoothly as the Allies had planned. It seems that crossing the sea and climbing the cliffs proved to be too daunting a task for the unseasoned amphibious troops. In addition, the MG42 guns stationed on the cliffs ripped through the Allied attack wave, weakening the offensive from the start. The Italians were not as weak as had been anticipated and the Allies have now lost their footing for the Italian invasion. A new strategy is required."

— British Defeat

"Allied troops launched a clumsy offensive which was easily stopped by the Axis heavy armor and infantry. From the start of the mission it was clear that the Allies underestimated the preparedness of the Italians. After such a devastating blow, the Allied forces will have to plan more carefully before launching their next invasion into Italy."

— Italian Victory

"During Operation Baytown, the Italians lost key positions along the frontlines. Even though some of these positions were lost only momentarily, it gave the Allies enough time to establish positions from which they could drive the Italian army inland. The Allied troops swiftly landed on the beach and swept up the cliffs, ravaging most of the Italian forces and driving the remainder to retreat. Berlin will not be pleased that the Allies have gained such a pivotal victory in Italy."

— Italian Defeat


BF1942 Baytown NS
  • Strangely, on this map, both the British and Italian forces use the MG 42.
  • There is evidence for a cut seventh, neutral flag on the island in the center of the map, with the ID openmidelpoint_Cpoint and was supposed to be named with the localization string bunkernest, which is currently not localized.
  • At coordinate A8 the terrain is raised above the water to form the letters "NS". This is not shown on the minimap.