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Operation Exodus is one of the six cooperative missions featured in Battlefield 3. It takes place in the same area as Operation Swordbreaker.


A number of high valued POWs are being detained at a US camp. A recent earthquake has weakened the camp's defensive perimeter and made it vulnerable to PLR attacks. An evacuate order of the camp has been given. You and a handful of marines are assigned to defend the camp until all personnel have pulled out.

Starting LoadoutEdit

Player 1

Player 2


The players must defend an American camp from PLR attacks until the remaining marines and POWs can be evacuated. The players start out by defending the camp's northern perimeter from numerous PLR insurgents and one or two BMP-2 advancing across the street. Later, the camp is flanked from the west with more infantry running from the alleyway and firing down from far off buildings and another BMP-2. The PLR garrisoned in the building are mainly armed with RPGs and will destroy the line of Humvees if they are not quickly eliminated. After that wave is defeated, the players are ordered to the eastern perimeter to defend against more PLR and another BMP-2. Upon entering the eastern perimeter, there is a building to the right of the player with a M39 EMR on the roof. Once all the enemies are dealt with, the players move out towards their extraction vehicle, thus concluding the level.

Completion DescriptionEdit

The extraction was a success. Thanks to your efforts, we've been able to get information from several of the evacuated POWs. The information points to an "unnamed" man last seen in Tehran. According to senior PLR members, he is the main architect of the attack plot in Europe. None of the POWs have provided a name yet, but we are confident we are on the right track.

Related Achievements and TrophiesEdit

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Gamerscore Trophy type
25S060801 Car Lover Completed the mission without losing a Humvee in operation Exodus 20 G Bronze


  • If the players protects all of the Humvees by the end of the level, they will earn the Car Lover Achievement/Trophy.
  • It is possible to jump off the UH-1Y Venom at the end of the level by pressing the enter/exit vehicle button. The mission ending will still perform as normal so long as at least one player has boarded the helicopter.
  • The BMP-2 in this mission requires two Javelin missiles or three M15 AT mine to knock out. 
  • This mission shares its name with a book of the Bible. It is fitting because in this story, the Israelites 'go out' from Egypt; and the players are also tasked with facilitating an 'exodus' from the area. 
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