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Operation Husky (Italian: Operazione Husky) is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome expansion.


British forces strike from the sky and the sea against Italian forces, who have a large defense gun on the shore, with the base and a small airfield over a river. The British can paradrop or attack from the sea with landing craft launched from their destroyer. Although it may be easy for the British to take the first line of defense, they could get stuck later on with coastal guns and machine gun emplacements.


The Italians start with a Fiat-Ansaldo M11/39, two Volkswagen Kubelwagens, a Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack, a Sturmgeschütz III, a Wespe, a Coastal gun, as well as a Messerschimmit Bf 110. The British start with a Fletcher-class destroyer; upon capturing the beach, they also receive access to a Willy's MB, an M3 halftrack, an M3 Grant, and an M10 Wolverine.


Five Italian-controlled flags can be captured. The British can spawn either on their destroyer or from a spawn point in the sky, from which players drop via parachutes.


"Although the success of the Allied paratroopers was limited by an error in aerial navigation, the ground troops rallied and stormed through the Italian and German defenses with little difficulty. Because Sicily gives the Allies a key foothold in their goal to liberate Italy, this victory delivers a painful blow to the Axis powers. It also gives a much needed boost to Allied morale. If this battle is any sort of precursor to upcoming assaults on the Italian front, this campaign will be over soon."

— British Victory

"With a large number of paratroopers lost at sea, the Axis' heavy armor and gun emplacements along the beachfront dealt a devastating blow to the outnumbered Allied ground forces. Although well planned, Operation Husky failed to put the Allies in full control of Sicily and now a new invasion plan is needed. This defeat does not bode well for the Allies' liberation of Italy."

— British Defeat

"Even with the heavy Allied bombing of Sicily, Axis forces dug in and held the island. Taking advantage of the higher ground, the Axis defenses were well placed to fend off the Allied invasion, and as a result they dealt heavy losses to the Allies. Italy will not be so easy for the Allied forces to invade without this key strategic position."

— Italian Victory

"Because they underestimated the enemy, Axis defenses in Sicily were not prepared to overcome the firepower of the Allied forces. The Allies have now gained a key victory in their Italian campaign and Rome is now closer to their grasp. Berlin has already sent word that blame will be assigned to those parties responsible for humiliating the Fatherland with such a pitiful effort."

— Italian Defeat