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"October 2, 1966 - Despite fighting for the liberation of their people, the Viet Cong were notorious for using questionable tactics. The V.C. would use strong arm tactics to manipulate villagers in the south in order to further their cause. Operation Irving was a combined operation meant to locate and eradicate Viet Cong pockets in the villages of the south."

— Map Briefing

Operation Irving is a multiplayer map in Battlefield Vietnam. It is loosely based on the real Operation Irving, also known as the Battle of Bồng Sơn.


"Operation Irving is an Assault Map. The U.S. forces begin with a constant ticket loss. This loss can be stopped by neutralizing and/or capturing an enemy control point. The Viet Cong forces begin the map with four Control Points. The Viet Cong will begin to constantly lose tickets if all but one Control Point is captured."

— Map Briefing


Viet Cong Flag.svg 2nd Viet Cong Regiment
Main battle tank(s)
Naval vessel(s)
BFVietnam insignia Cavalry
Flag of the United States 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, United States Army
Light vehicle(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft
Naval vessel(s)


All flags in this map are capturable. The US team has one large base with helicopter pads, a PBR dock and an airstrip, far from the VC flags. While helicopters and boats provide fast transportation between the US base and the battle arena, the US base is accessible by foot.

US Base[]

The US Base spawns a F-4 Phantom, a Sheridan, two Huey Gunships, a Chinook, a PBR, and an Air Cav Crate.

In singleplayer, the Sheridan is replaced by an M-113, the Chinook is replaced by a Huey Slick, and the Air Cav Crate does not appear. Additionally, in singleplayer, if the Viet Cong captures this flag, a Sampan will spawn in place of the PBR, but no other vehicles will appear.

The Courtyard[]

The Viet Cong starting point near the center of the map, west of the bridge. Under the Viet Cong there will be a Vespa, a BM-21, a ZSU, and a Tunnel Entrance. Under the US there will be a Vespa only.

In singleplayer, only a ZSU will spawn for the Viet Cong, and nothing for the US.

The Artillery Hill[]

The westernmost Viet Cong starting point. Under the Viet Cong there will be a Vespa, two M-46 artillery pieces, and a Logtrap. Under the US, only a Vespa will spawn, but the logtrap will remain, and in most cases the artillery will also remain.

In singleplayer there will be no Vespa.

Temple Ruins[]

The easternmost Viet Cong starting point. Under the Viet Cong there will be a BM-21, a Vespa, two M-46 artillery pieces, a logtrap, and a tunnel entrance. Under the US the BM-21 will be replaced by a Sheridan, and the Vespa by a MUTT.

In singleplayer there will be no Vespa or MUTT.

The Bridge[]

Under the Viet Cong there will be a T-54, and under the US there will be a Sheridan.

In singleplayer, there will only be a T-54 and no Sheridan, but for both teams there will be a Sampan.


Concept Art[]


  • Much of the map, especially the school center, is a visual reference to the film Apocalypse Now, where a group of American Huey helicopters attack a Viet Cong village while playing Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, which looks extremely similar to the one in this map (in which two gunship Hueys and one transport Huey is available, the PBR is also available in the US base in singleplayer).