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"This map includes forests, a city and a river crossed by two bridges."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Operation Market Garden is a map featured in Battlefield 1942.


"With the liberation of Belgium, the Allies seek to push further toward Germany. First, though, they must secure bridges at several key points on the Rhine River. To achieve this objective, Allied commanders have devised the largest airborne assault ever attempted. If successful, Operation Market Garden could truly mean that the end of the war is within sight.

The bridge at Arnhem is one of the critical points on the Rhine. An Allied unit has been dropped behind enemy lines to capture the city and secure the bridge. Their mission is to hold off German troops and hold on to the bridge until the arrival of reinforcements. It is critical that these soldiers must hold the bridge at any cost."

— American Map Briefing

"With pressure escalating on multiple fronts, Berlin has ordered the 2nd Panzer Division to pull back into the Netherlands. By defending key spots along the Rhine, Berlin seeks to counter the Allied invasion before it advances across the German border. It is imperative for German troops to hold as many bridges as possible for as long as possible, including those at Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Intelligence reports have been difficult to come by, but there are indications that the enemy is planning a major offensive in the near future. It's certain that they will make this push in the Netherlands; it's just a matter of when. In any event, German forces must defend the bridges and the road into the Fatherland at any cost."

— German Map Briefing


"Arnhem is our objective. Capture the city and we will defeat the Germans."

— American campaign briefing

"The Allies are trying to capture Arnhem. Hold the city and we will win this battle."

— German campaign briefing

BF1942 Market Garden campaign

Campaign briefing

At the beginning of the game, the US and German forces both have uncapturable bases, the German close to the bridge, the US beyond the town of Arnhem on the other side. US forces can also initially spawn by parachuting close to one of the bases, the Church. Between the two forces lie 4 capturable flags, the church, on the US side of the town, one in the middle of the town, one on edge of the town at the end of the bridge and a final to the West near a more minor bridge.

The Allies start off with 3 planes, including a B-17, Jeeps and armored buildings. The Axis start with more tanks, but no planes at all.


Flag of the United States
United States Army
Light vehicle(s)
Medium tank(s)
Fixed-wing aircraft
Flag Germany 1933
Light vehicle(s)
Medium tank(s)
Heavy tank(s)
Self-propelled artillery
Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)


United States Army:[]

Allied Airfield[]

Cannot be captured by the Germans. Spawns four Willys MBs, two P-51 Mustangs, and a B-17 Flying Fortress.


2nd Panzer Division Field HQ[]

Cannot be captured by the Americans. Spawns five Flak 38s, three Panzer IVs, two Tigers, two Kubelwagens, a Wespe, and a Hanomag.



Spawns two M4 Shermans under American control or two Panzer IVs under German control. at the side when the allied control. the Allies Paradrops there.


Spawns nothing.

Arnhem Bridge[]

Spawns an M3A1 under American control or a Hanomag under German control. and a machine gun is inside a pillbox with health cabinet and ammo.

Stone Bridge[]

Spawns nothing.


"The victory at Arnhem came at a heavy price. Allied command knew that Operation Market Garden would be one of the most daring missions of the war. It also turned into one of the bloodiest. The Germans fought with complete determination to keep the bridge. However, by the end of the battle Allied troops were able to secure the bridge."

— American Victory

"Though Operation Market Garden was a brilliant plan, it proved to be overly ambitious. After a long walk through the low country, the Allied troops couldn't overrun the enemy, who were determined to defend the Rhine bridges at any cost. In the case of the bridge at Arnhem, Allied troops were outmatched by the immense firepower of the Panzers. The soldiers fought valiantly, but it was simply a case of not having enough men and equipment against an extremely experienced armored unit."

— American Defeat

"At Arnhem, the German armored units once again won the day. The enemy made an ill-advised attack on the bridges along the Rhine. It is clear that the 2nd Panzer Division is still the elite tank force in this war. Enemy forces will never set foot on German soil as long as this armored division stands between them and the German border."

— German Victory

"It wasn't so much that the enemy attack surprised the German troops as much as it simply overwhelmed them. The 2nd Panzer Division fought especially hard at Arnhem. At the end of the day, however, the Allies were able to secure the bridge. They now hold a pivotal crossing point on the road into the Fatherland. All German forces must retreat for the final defense of the home front."

— German Defeat