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"Fight inside the abandoned medical research facility, lay down fire at an ancient temple next to a lush waterfall, or completely destroy and level houses when the enemy tries to get cover in the overgrown ghost town."


Operation Outbreak is a map featured in the Battlefield 4: Community Operations expansion that was released in October 2015.

The map is set in the Harau Valley of Indonesia, where a chemical warfare research facility is located. Monkeys that were being used as test subjects escaped the facility and caused a panic within the valley, and with information of the incident reaching Chinese and American intelligence, PLA and USMC units are deployed to the valley to seize the research.[1]

Operation Outbreak is name of the Community Map Project, with its layout and design based on poll results and feedback gathered from the Battlefield community through the Community Test Environment.


Set in the bright afternoon of the Harau Valley, Operation Outbreak's terrain is made up of dense, forested jungle with generally short sightlines and several opportunities for flanking tactics and ambushes. Long range and armored engagements are limited to the open roads stretching through the map and the five flag locations. Vehicles on the level are regulated to more of a transportation and supportive role instead of direct combat, with each team's Transport Helicopter and the RHIB given the team that controls the Temple being extremely useful tools for navigating the map, while the MBT and IFV can be helpful for attacking and holding objectives. Operation Outbreak has no primary Levolution set piece, with the focus primarily on micro-destruction present at the control areas to influence cover and squad tactics.



Flag of the United States.svg United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)
Infantry fighting vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
People's Republic of China.png People's Liberation Army
Light vehicle(s)
Infantry fighting vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)

Flag layouts[]

Flag Conquest Conquest Large
Medical Clinic A
Temple A B
Ghost Town B C
Logging Camp C D
Plantation E


Medical Clinic[]

[​Conquest Large] T​he Medical Clinic flag is farthest to the west and the closest to the US deployment. The flag features a few mud huts and a main medical building that can be found on other maps used for different purposes. Littered with monkey cages, this is where the main theme of the map is located where all the testing of the experimental virus on the monkeys was done and where these same monkeys escaped from. Also located next to the clinic is a dirt helipad and a container with a hand print pad where it is believed a room with another part of the Phantom Program is located. When captured this flag spawns 1 Quad Bike.


Commander resource: Infantry Scan The Temple is located to the north of the map where it is covered over a cave and underneath a waterfall. In earlier iterations of the temple, it was an active temple. There was no moss, fresh coat of paint, no aging, and no microdestruction. After a few updates, the temple was placed underneath the waterfall, moss was added, and cracks, pieces of rocks and microdestruction was added to the look to give it a feel of it aging and overgrowing in the jungle. Also the M82A3 MID battle pickup can be found there. 1 RHIB spawns here when captured.

Ghost Town[]

The Ghost Town is in the heart of the map and is where the jungle people were have said to live once throughout all the wooden huts but evacuated the jungle once the monkeys which were tested with the virus had escaped from the Medical Clinic. The Ghost Town has been made to have microdestruction to all the wooden huts in the area. To the west and the east of the town is where the dense jungle part of the map is located. To the west of the town is where a downed helicopter is located and the specifically made battle pickup for the jungle the M60-ULT can be picked up there. To the east of the town a small tunnel can be found containing various crates. A Poison Arrow Phantom may be found inside one of the black crates, unlocking it permanently once picked up. The Ghost Town is the primary location of the Team Deathmatch type gamemodes (Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Gun Master) since there are two variations on this map.

Logging Camp[]

Commander resource: Vehicle Scan The Logging Camp you could say is an extension of the Ghost Town but for the workers of the Logging Camp. This flag is located at the southernmost part of the map. The flag is raised up above on wooden stilts/supports on a platform above one of the rivers in the map grouped with huts similar to the ones in the Ghost Town. To the east of the huts is the actual logging camp where various logs from deforested trees are gathered and stacked up to the sides of the road. The back portion of the Camp houses more huts raised above the ground. The AMR-2 MID battle pickup can be found towards the back.


[Conquest Large] The Plantation flag is farthest to the east and closest to the China deployment. The Plantation is located at the widest part of the river in the map and features a Palm Tree Plantation to the east with palm trucks, palm oil and fuel tankers, truck and oil storage, a platform helipad, and oil containers. The Plantation also is the secondary location for the Team Deathmatch type gamemodes since there are two locations for Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, and Gun Master. 1 RHIB, 1 Quad Bike and either a M1161 ITV or a LYT2021 depeding on what faction captures it. 


Sector 1[]

The US beings as the attacking side at the US Conquest deployment, on the road next to the river. Attackers only get a RHIB, and the defenders get no vehicles. The first base takes place at the logging camp. Objective A is locating in front of a small digging crane, facing the attackers, and objective B is located under an open shed. On the other side of B away from A is the river and the river bank. The river bank includes some logs and trucks that give the attackers a view of B.

Sector 2[]

The second base takes place in south Ghost Town, where D is in Conquest. The defenders spawn behind the river that runs under the huts, and the attackers get the logging camp. B is located in a destructable hut on the defending side of the river, and A is located behind some crates on the road on the attackers side, making it hard for the defenders to defend. The attackers cannot go on top the hill that overlooks the huts and B, but the defenders can, making it easier to defend.

Sector 3[]

The third base takes place in the heart of the Ghost Town, C in Conquest. The defenders start farther back and on the hill, where the US flag is in Capture the Flag. B is located in the lone building that overlooks the river, down on the south side of the hill and not in the Ghost Town, similar to the buildings in Guilin Peaks. A is in a hut on the right side of the road, towards the back of the town. The attackers may now go up on the right hill, allowing them to attack down on A. With the river and B to the west and A to the east under the hill, the fighting at this base becomes very divided.

Sector 4[]

The final base is at the temple behind the waterfall. The defenders spawn in the temple, and the attackers at the ghost town. B is located on the right side of the temple, or to the east, and is in a ditch under one of the pillars, making it hard to arm or diffuse. A is located in a trench just on the other side of the river on the temple side, under a bridge and in front of the underground tunnels. The river that divides the attackers and defenders can make this the most challenging base for attackers, but flanking around the edge of the map or sneaking into the temple can turn the tide of the battle.

Development History[]

Community Map Project.jpg

The project was announced to feature four development phases: concept, production, polish, and certification. The concept phase was started through a poll featuring many popular map concepts with the Battlefield community.[2] The community had the choice to vote on whether or not the map was to take place in either an urban or rural map. Players also had the choice to choose a high level setting: mountain, jungle, or desert. Ultimately, the community voted on a rural jungle map.[3]

Afterwards, DICE LA pitched ideas for the jungle map to center around, with the community voting on a waterfall. Ancient ruins and a ghost town were also included in a poll and were subsequently included in concept layouts of the map due to their popularity.[4]

With the proposal of map layouts, the community chose Layout C for the map. Towards the end of April 2015, DICE LA was nearing the end of the concept phase. A playable version of the map, albeit lacking any textures, was added to the Community Test Environment on April 21 to perform scale tests of the map.[5]

DICE LA began taking suggestions for the name of the map on August 21, 2015, and put up a poll of some of the most popular community suggestions, as well as few from the dev team, on August 26.[1] Eventually, the title Operation Outbreak won, and was announced as the level's name on the CTE subbreddit on September 3, 2015, when testing for the Rush gamemode began.[1] The vote results were fully released with the map's Dev-alpha release, with Harau Falls and Ruins of Harau being the other two most voted names.[6] The internal name of the map was called Return to Monkey King Falls and was one of the choices during the polls.

During testing in September 2015, more of the map's layout was locked down, like RHIBs being removed from deployments and kept at the Temple after redesigns of the river, as well as a special Battle Pickup version of the M60 being added to the map called the M60-ULT. On the week of September 20, DICE LA announced that the loading screen for Operation Outbreak would be selected from community submitted screenshots in a competition, with the top three screenshots to be included in the final map as the loading screen.[7] On October 1, the map was announced to be released in the Community Operations expansion later in October with the Fall Patch.[8]


High Level Setting[]

Base Layout[]

Scale Tests[]




  • The map features an aesthetically unique version of the UH-1Y Venom with surf boards mounted above the skids, in reference to the film Apocalypse Now.
    • An easter egg furthers the reference: a Venom carrying at least two passengers—one carrying the M60-ULT—flown beyond the US base and back inbounds will begin playing a rendition of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, and continue doing so until the song completes or the helicopter is destroyed. Players outside of the vehicle will also hear the song through the helicopter's loudspeakers, as will occupants using third-person view.
  • North of the Medical Facility a blue container may be found with an interactable hand-print scanner. During development in the CTE, the container could be opened into a descending stairway to a locked door with a camera that would follow the player, similar to what was done in the Phantom Program. Players may no longer open the container with the official release of the map as well as the addition of a sign above the scanner reading "Fermé jusqu'à 2142" which translates to "Closed Until 2142", referencing Battlefield 2142.
  • Prior to the Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations, there was an issue where sometimes spawning on objective "A" as the PLA team will end up putting players out of bounds.
  • The map's internal name is MP_CMP.