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Operation Riverside is a map featured in the upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion pack, End Game. Each of the four new maps in End Game are season-themed, with Operation Riverside taking place in autumn, in northern Iran.

Developer Notes

"This fall themed map houses an electric power substation at its center, with a small river flowing along its axis. The layout of the bases in Operation Riverside caters somewhat towards infantry action rather than all-out vehicle warfare. It’s generally speaking an infantry-friendly landscape where soldiers can go by foot between the bases, while ground vehicles need to take more roundabout roads to traverse the environment.

Across the river giving this map its name, players can find a spectacular jump in the form of a partly destroyed wooden bridge. A lot of other ramps have been carefully placed in the environment on Operation Riverside to make sure that the map is full of exciting options for riders of the new dirt bike."


  • Operation Riverside was featured in the Premium-exclusive teaser trailer for End Game.
  • If the player were to fly his/her helicopter out of bounds in a south-eastern direction, they will find a hovering mini-ship with the Battlefield 2142 EU logo on the side. This may be a hint to a Battlefield 2142 sequel just like the inscription "2143" on various crates located at Wake Island 2014.


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