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Our Back Garden is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Egalite of the Tirailleur War Story.


Dear Father,

I'm sure mother will be happy to hear that life is still very boring for me here. I know that I too should be happy to be passing my war with little incident, but I have to admit that I long to see some action. I joined the army to fight, not to sit behind this gun and stare at empty space from dawn till dusk! I feel I should be doing something! My countrymen are dying, and yet here I sit, day after day, doing nothing of any consequence! The days seem to drag on for an eternity and nothing of any note ever happens. I have twice observed action in the distance, and the guns are so familiar now that I never hear them, but that is all.

The war seems very distant indeed. Honestly, I feel that I might as well be sitting behind this gun in our back garden for all the good I am doing. Still, I look forward to seeing you and mother very much, and if I shall not have many great stories to tell after the war is over, at least mother won't have to lose any sleep to worry.

Please write soon and send all the news, having something to read helps the time to pack much quicker.

Your loving son,


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