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"I've come to realize that the way we do police work, especially drug enforcement, is dangerously outdated. With your investment, together we can forge the new future of law enforcement."

— Video recording of Julian Dawes

Out of Business is the sixth episode of the single player campaign of Battlefield Hardline. Nick returns to the criminal underground with the help of Tyson Latchford, investigating leads at a mafia car dealership in Koreatown and a scrapyard and a chop shop garage.[1]


After being broken out of prison by Khai and Tyson, Nick is now as a wanted man, determined to get his revenge against Captain Dawes and Stoddard.

The episode begins with a promotional video from Captain Dawes, who has retired from the police force, and set up a private police force/military contractor firm called Preferred Outcomes. Dawes argues that the future of law enforcement lies in using private firms rather than the traditional model of police as public employees, and in the video seeks investment from Angel Investors to increase his company's reach.

Khai states that Dawes has links with the Korean mafia: more specifically he is linked to a Toso car dealership in Koreatown in LA, which is a Korean mafia front run by Henry Kang. She knows this from a contact inside the mafia called Marcus "Boomer" Boone, an IT specialist freelancer. She tells Nick and Tyson to meet up with Boomer at the dealership, so that he can give them more information to help them take Dawes down, which is what a angry and distrustful Nick ultimately wants.

The duo make it to the dealership, but Boomer never shows up, and Khai calls his phone without success. She orders them to break into the dealership, to access a computer to retrieve all available information in the hope that they can discover any links to/information on Dawes.

Going in, they upload data from a computer as they accidentally set off a silent alarm, calling Korean mafia henchmen to their location. The duo defend themselves until they escape in their muscle car. Trying to escape, a truck comes and smashes them backwards, causing their vehicle to flip over. Nick and Tyson fight off the attackers and steal another car, escaping and evading their pursuers.

Khai ask them to look for Boomer, who was last known to be working at Mr. Kang's scrapyard nearby. Going there, Nick defeats more criminals and finds Boomer in the boot of a car due to be crushed. Boomer explains to Nick that he was caught by the mafia while downloading certain files Khai had ordered him to get, so they put him in the car boot to be crushed. He confirms that he successfully retrieved all of the data, but his laptop is in a car on the other side of the warehouse, which is full of enemies. Nick leaves Boomer in the car boot after taking his electronic access card to get into the warehouse.

Defeating more criminals, Nick gets the laptop, but is forced to shoot a criminal trying to kill him, causing an explosion destroying the warehouse, after the bullet he fires hits a propane tank.Fighting off further enemies, Nick goes back for Boomer, but finds him gone from the car, leaving Nick to go back alone to Tyson.

Boomer is revealed to be hiding in the back seat of Nick & Tyson's car. The trio escape and defeat their pursuers, on a chase along the Los Angeles River and then through the Los Angeles metro tunnels.

After evading the Mafia, Boomer explains how Kang and Dawes operate: trains operated and controlled by Dawes's crooked cops and Preferred Outcomes paramilitaries bring in stolen cars to Kang's chopshop. The stolen cars are taken apart, and filled with Hot Shot drugs (cocaine), before being reassembled. The cars are then sold at Kang's dealership to lower-level dealers.

Boomer tells them that the chop shop in question is not far away, and Nick agrees that he, Boomer and Tyson should head there to "put this Mr Kang out of business". During their walk, Boomer tells more about Mr. Kang: he runs all of downtown LA, has a "hot wife" Lily, and runs Dawes's operations in Los Angeles. Boomer says that if Kang is taken out, Dawes's attempts to operate in LA will be paralysed.

At the chop shop, the trio fight off the Mafia and eventually kill Mr. Kang, ending his association with Dawes. Optional evidence and overheard conversations of enemies also reveal that Kang's wife was planning to have Kang killed with a car bomb so that she could take over his crew. She also appears to be having an affair with Neil Roark.

Going into a locked room, they find a forklift truck piled with bricks of cocaine that Tyson values at $9.9 million. Tyson wants to take the cocaine, saying he can sell it in 3 days in LA given he knows an NBA player. However, as he drives the forklift truck out of the back of the chopshop, the truck becomes stuck on a railway line.Tyson is forced to abandon it as a train comes towards it, smashing it. Covered in cocaine, the trio return to Khai, who silently laughs at them as they walk past her.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Snow Blind Snow Blind Complete Episode 6: Out of Business 20 Bronze Trophy


  • If the player kills all the criminals with force at the scrapyard, Tyson will reply that he is officially scared of Nick.
  • To the side of Kang's dealership is a billboard promoting a show called Pinstripes, which is likely a reference to the real-life drama Suits.
  • When the player tries to get Boomer's laptop, the trunk that contains the laptop has a TFK badge, a reference to a rival crew from Need for Speed: Carbon.
  • When returning to the muscle car once getting Boomer's laptop, Boomer does not appear to be in the backseat of the car until the cutscene activates.
  • During the scuffle between Nick and one of Kang's criminals, the shot fired is not heard.
  • During the getaway with Tyson driving and Nick shooting from the passenger seat, the player gains access to unlimited ammo, removing the ability or requirement to reload. This makes high rate of fire weapons such as the Double-Barrel Shotgun and MAC-10 quite viable during this section.
  • If Mendoza takes out Kang, he will always say "That's it. Kang's down!", even if the T62 CEW taser is used on him. However, Kang will always die, regardless of who takes him out, or what weapon or gadget is used on him (if Mendoza takes him down).
  • Outside Kang's chopshop is a gigantic statue of Lightspeed Boy, which was featured in Dead Space 2, another game also developed by Visceral Games.[2]
  • The songs played from the radio in the Chop Shop are "What's Your Name?" and "HuH" by the girl group 4Minute.[3]
  • Kang's chopshop is partially the basis for the main warehouse in the Derailed multiplayer map, although the area outside with the trains and oil tankers is the basis for the equivalent area in Growhouse.
  • In the game files, this level is named SP_Chop_Shop_Raid.