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Outpost Tutorial - Battlefield V

Outpost Tutorial - Battlefield V

Outpost is a gamemode featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the third Tides of War chapter, Trial By Fire on June 13, 2019. Only available on Arras and Mercury, the gamemode pits two 32 players teams against one another as they try to construct radio towers and obtain recruits. [1]


Each map has objective locations where radio towers can be built. They are constructed by players using the Toolbox, like any other Fortification. Once a tower has been constructed, it will award victory points, known as Recruits, once every set period of time. Using Fortifications, towers may then be upgraded two more times which increasing the number of recruits obtained per tick from one to a maximum of three. Each level takes progressively longer to upgrade than the last, although they can be constructed faster by the Support class. When standing near the objective, players are awarded Requisition Points for Squad Reinforcements whenever the tower produces recruits, with the point gain multiplier increased for each member of the squad nearby - thus incentivizing organized defense of the towers.

To stop recruiting efforts of the enemy team, players must destroy their towers. This can be done with explosives, which include gadgets, tank shells or artillery strikes. The amount of health of the tower is dependent on its upgrade level, as dealing enough damage to destroy a level 1 tower will only knock a level 3 tower down to level 2. Another method of destruction is by planting Bombs on the tower which explode after 45 seconds. In this way, towers can be completely destroyed regardless of level, although the bombs can be defused by players on the opposing team. Once an enemy tower has been destroyed, a friendly tower can be built in its place.

The first team to reach 100 recruits will be declared the winner of a match. Killing players does not reduce a team's recruit count.


Initially, teams only have access to light transport vehicles such as halftracks from their deployment area. As the team accrues recruit points, they gain access to corresponding increases in tank and aircraft spawns. For example on Arras, a team gains a tank spawn every 20 recruits, for a maximum of four at 80 points.


The objectives in Outpost do not provide a spawn point when captured, which means players can only spawn in on their HQ, on Squadmates, or Spawn Beacon.[2]



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