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"Having been pushed out of the plains, the Americans have made off with large amounts of bullion, and holed up in a captured Russian communication centre. "

— In-Game Description

Over and Out is a map featured in Battlefield: Bad Company, taking place shortly after Harvest Day and is featured in Gold Rush.



1st Attacker Base. Attackers go down hill and advance toward defenders. It is possible to blast the crates from range using RPG's but look out for snipers.


1st Defenders Base. One Gold Crate is in 1 story building while another is in a 1-story building. Crates can be shot from range. 2nd Attackers Base


2nd Defender Base. Shotguns are effective here. Try to rig the crate to blow by placing DTN-4. When the charge is set detonate it. 3rd Attacker Base. Once taken, one BMD-3 spawns here.

Com Center[]

Final Defender Base. Gold Crate 1 is vulnerable while Crate 2 is easily defendable. Hold Gold Crate 2 as long as possible.


  • The phrase "Over and Out" is a fundamentally incorrect radio call. The term "Over" means that you have finished talking and you expect a response, and "Out" means you have finished talking and do not expect a reply, therefore the term "Over and Out" is contradictory to itself.