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A Luger P08 in reality

The Pistole Parabellum 1908 or Luger Pistol, designated P.04 by the German Navy and P.08 by the German Army, is a toggle-locked recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol. The design was patented by Georg J. Luger in 1898 and produced in 1900. While it wasn't originally chambered in the round, the P.08 was the original platform for which Luger's 9x19mm Parabellum was created, which would become one of the most influential pistol calibers of the 20th century.

The handgun first saw use with the Swiss army in 1900 before it was adopted by the German army as the standard service pistol in 1908, replacing the M1879 Reichsrevolver in that capacity. It principally saw service on the Central Powers side during World War I and to a lesser extent with Nazi Germany during World War II. It was meant to be replaced during the latter conflict by the Walther P38, which had the benefits of being easier to manufacture, maintain, while still possessing a fairly high degree of quality, but the P.08 continued to serve alongside its replacement for the duration of the war.

A version of the P.08, the Lange Pistole 08, was offered to artillerymen as a rudimentary personal defense weapon. It had a lengthened barrel, drum-like coiled extended magazine, and its holster doubled as a stock. A rarer carbine variant has a lengthened barrel and stock similar to the Lange Pistole 08, but also has a wooden handguard under the barrel.

Battlefield 1Edit

The P08 Pistol is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 for all kits.


The P08 Pistol is used by an Ottoman soldier in a cutscene in the War Story "Nothing is Written," but is otherwise unusable to the player.

The P08 Artillerie variant is used by Imperial German Army and Ottoman Empire tankers, and also by Austro-Hungarian officers.


Three variants of the P08 are featured in Battlefield 1, one exclusive to Tankers and Pilots: Standard, Red Baron's and Artillerie.

P08 PistolEdit

"Adopted in 1908, the P08 was accurate and durable and the most widespread German sidearm during the Great War"

— In-Game Description

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The P08 pistol is the default variant of the weapon.

Of the commonly available handguns, it offers average performance, matched by the C93 in many details. Though it fires slower and with a somewhat lower velocity than the C93, it inflicts slightly more damage at all ranges.

The Red Baron's P08 is an exclusive weapon variant available for owners of the Red Baron Pack. It has slightly better damage drop-off than the Standard P08 Pistol but has less control than its regular counterpart.[1]


Weapon SkinsEdit

P08 ArtillerieEdit

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"This version of the P08 Pistol is a compact weapon for vehicle operators featuring a drum magazine. A popular weapon with pilots and stormtroopers during the war."

— In-game description

The P08 Artillerie is a carbine variant of the P08 and is exclusive to the Tanker and Pilot kits.

Compared to the standard P08, it has a larger magazine, slightly better recoil and aimed accuracy, but worse hipfire accuracy and reload times.

Its magazine is thus far the largest of the Tanker/Pilot weapons, but carries no other advantages, being fair in most areas.

A P08 with Artillerie magazine and extended barrel but not the carbine foreend can be seen in some key art of Battlefield 1.


Battlefield VEdit

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Two variants of the P08 are featured in Battlefield V: the P08 Pistol and P08 Pistol Carbine.

P08 PistolEdit

"The P08 pistol is commonly known as the "Luger", named after the man who patented it. The German military tried replacing it with the P38 during World War II, but it would remain in production until 1943."

— In-game description

The P08 Pistol is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the Teaser trailer for the Nordlys War Story. The P08 Pistol is available as a sidearm for all classes.

The P08 is comparable to the P38 Pistol as the two weapons share identical damage models, magazine capacities and rate of fire - as such, the weapon is a four body shot kill out to 12m. However, the P08 distinguishes itself with slightly higher per-shot recoil in exchange for increased muzzle velocity. It also has the quickest partial reload in class at 1.2s.


P08 Pistol CarbineEdit


— In-game description

The P08 Carbine is a weapon introduced in the third Tides of War chapter, Trial By Fire for the Recon kit. It was unlocked upon completion of the Week 7 challenges, and is now available for purchase through The Company. The weapon is the first Pistol Carbine to be added to the game.

The P08 Carbine shares some characteristics with its pistol variant, such as rate of fire, but is otherwise statistically distinct. The weapon is now capable of a three body shot kill out to 10m, and has had its muzzle velocity raised to 370 m/s. Its magazine capacity has also seen a significant quantitative upgrade with 32+1 rounds - although this makes reloads infrequent they are noticeably longer than the pistol version, while ammo carrying capacity is limited to three magazines maximum. These factors allow rapid, sustained fire which is kept accurate by a low per-shot recoil value. Although its semi-automatic fire mode limits its raw time-to-kill potential, its controllability and high damage permits effective use at both close and medium range.

The P08 Carbine can make use of Specializations to further improve performance. The left side path, consisting of Quick Aim, Enhanced Grips, Polished Action and Quick Reload, and the right side options of Slings and Swivels, Custom Stock, Lightened Stock and Barrel Bedding, both seek to improve handling speed and accuracy on the move in various ways.


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