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Two variants of the P08 are featured in Battlefield V: the P08 Pistol and P08 Carbine.

P08 Pistol[]

"The P08 pistol is commonly known as the "Luger", named after the man who patented it. The German military tried replacing it with the P38 during World War II, but it would remain in production until 1943."

— In-game description

The P08 Pistol is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the Teaser trailer for the Nordlys War Story.


While not obtainable in singleplayer, the P08 is seen being used by Weber in cutscenes of the Nordlys War Story. It is also seen used by Peter Müller during the final cutscene of The last Tiger.


In multiplayer the P08 Pistol is available as a sidearm for all classes, and is the third to be unlocked. The P08 is comparable to the P38 Pistol as the two weapons share identical damage models, magazine capacities and rate of fire - as such, the weapon is a four body shot kill out to 22m. However, the P08 distinguishes itself with slightly higher per-shot recoil in exchange for increased muzzle velocity, which is tied with the Repetierpistol M1912 for highest in the secondary category. It also has the quickest partial reload in class at 1.2s.


P08 Carbine[]

"Based on the P08 Pistol, this carbine variant has a stock, extended barrel and snail magazine offering improved range performance."

— In-game description

The P08 Carbine is a weapon introduced in the third Tides of War chapter, Trial By Fire for the Recon kit. It was unlocked upon completion of the Week 7 challenges, and is now available for purchase through The Company. The weapon is the first Pistol Carbine to be added to the game.

The P08 Carbine shares many characteristics with its category counterpart, the Trench Carbine, such as rate of fire and damage out to medium range. Its higher minimum damage combined with its higher muzzle velocity of 420 m/s allows the P08 to perform marginally better at range than the Trench Carbine, although its per shot recoil is higher. In terms of ammunition capacity, the P08 is worse off with a smaller 32+1 round magazine and lower carrying capacity overall, although reload times are the same for either weapon. In spite of some minor statistical differences, the P08 Carbine's rate of fire, controllability and damage permits effective use at both close and medium range, outperforming SMGs at the latter distance by way of slower damage drop-off.

The P08 Carbine can make use of Specializations to further improve performance. The left side path, consisting of Quick Aim, Enhanced Grips, Polished Action and Quick Reload, and the right side options of Slings and Swivels, Custom Stock, Lightened Stock and Barrel Bedding, both seek to improve handling speed and accuracy on the move in various ways.