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The P33 Pereira is a revolver featured in Battlefield 2142 and is the standard sidearm of the European Union, with the exception of Engineers which use the Turcotte Rapid SMG.

The P33 has more damage per shot over the PAC Takao T20, but also has a smaller magazine size of 8 rounds versus 12 in the T20. It also has significant recoil compared to the Takao, making it harder to keep the sights on a target when firing.

The amount of recoil can be compensated by reducing the rate at which the user is firing, but this often means that at a distance, an enemy with a Takao will be able to kill the user first.

The weapon also features a mounted laser aiming device, seen on higher resolutions and in close-up screenshots. It has no function in-game, however.

A player can unlock MaxClip to increase the capacity of each magazine of the P33 to 10 rounds, which can be very helpful to EU Recon players who will need the extra rounds in close quarters.


  • The P33 and the Clark 15B Shotgun are the only firearms in Battlefield 2142 to have actual iron sights, as every other firearm has some sort of electronic sight. The Clark 15B, however, does not make use of these sights.
  • Unlike many revolvers, the P33 reloads by swapping out the entire magazine, rather than putting one round into each slot at a time or with the help of half- or full-moon clips.
  • The P33 Pereira is most likely a Portuguese weapon, as "Pereira" is a Portuguese name. Further supporting this theory, as Portugal is fighting alongside with the European Union, this sidearm was probably given to its allies.