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"Developed in Belgium as a Personal Defense Weapon for vehicle crews, Special Forces and Counter-Terrorist groups the P90 is a compact and capable weapon system. The three forward rails allow an operator to mount a wide variety accessories and the 5.7x28mm special armor piercing ammunition is fired at nearly rifle velocity. Standard with a 50 round magazine the P90 is capable as an offensive CQB weapon for highly mobile personnel."

— Weapon description

The P90 is an all-kit weapon featured in Battlefield 3.


The P90 is seen in the hands of GIGN squads during the mission Comrades.


The P90 appears in the two missions, Drop 'Em Like Liquid and The Eleventh Hour used by GIGN forces. It is only obtainable by the player in The Eleventh Hour.


The P90 is unlocked at level 40, with 50+1 rounds per magazine. The P90 has a high rate of fire and moderate recoil, and shares similar iron sights to the PDW-R and the Mk11 Mod 0. The P90, PP-19 and UMP-45 are the only PDW's that do not unlock the Extended Magazine attachment, but instead gain the Flash Suppressor.

While the P90 draws advantage of a high magazine capacity, a rate of fire of 900 RPM, and a low hip fire spread, the damage of each individual bullet is low compared to other weapons, especially it's minimum damage which, along with the MP7, is the lowest of any weapon in the game, requiring 9 shots to the torso to kill a player at long range. However, the low damage is effectively countered with the high rate of fire, stellar controllability, and moderate accuracy.



  • In the Gamescom 2011 Battlefield 3 fact sheet, the P90 was named the "P90TR", referring to the actual model used in the game.