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The P90 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The P90 is Hannah's primary weapon and is carried by her throughout the campaign. The P90 can be found in South China Sea by the player as a Collectible, to the West of hatch G-46 in the red-lit room. It is equipped with a HOLO, Heavy Barrel and Tri-Beam Laser. It sports an Atomic Urban finish.

Completion of the Peace Maker assignment in the singleplayer campaign will unlock the weapon for use in multiplayer.


Compared to its counterpart from Battlefield 3, the P90 performs almost identically but with a higher recoil, which limits it use to medium range if the player is unable to control the weapon's high fire rate along with the muzzle climb.

In the hands of a skilled user however, the P90 is a versatile weapon, ideal for close-quarters combat or when combating hostiles when repairing a friendly vehicle.



P90 equipped with a Laser-Light Combo

Virgo Dog Tag

  • When equipped with any laser or light attachments, the accessory is oddly mounted on a downward-facing rail that extends over the barrel. In Battlefield 3 and Hardline (which use the same in-game model as Battlefield 4), the accessories are simply mounted onto the side rails of the gun.
  • The P90 is one of three guns awarded for completing the campaign, alongside the QBZ-95-1 and M249, with the P90 unlocked through the Peace Maker assignment.
  • After 2014 Fall patch, the player in multiplayer can carry three magazines for P90 rather than two.
  • The P90 is featured on Virgo dog tag, used by Hannah.