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The FN P90 is a Personal Defense Weapon developed by FN Herstal in the 1980s in conjunction with the FN57 and entered production in 1990. The P90 and FN57 were created following NATO requests for new compact firearms that were capable of piercing Body Armor to replace 9x19mm handguns and submachine guns that were currently in NATO service. The P90 uses a bullpup layout with a unique top loading 50 round magazine and features an integrated Red Dot Sight. Like the FN57, the P90 fires FN's proprietary 5.7x28mm round, which is capable of penetrating level IIIA Kevlar vests. The P90 is in use with militaries and security services of over 40 countries around the world, and is widely known in pop culture due to its unusual and futuristic appearance. 

The P90 TR (Triple-Rail) entered production in 1999 and removes the integrated sight in favor of a picatinny rail system to allow various other optics, as well as Laser Sights and Tactical Lights, to mounted onto the weapon. The PS90 is a longer barreled civilian variant of the P90.

The P90 and its variants appear in five games in the Battlefield series. The standard P90 appears only in Battlefield 2; the P90 TR variant appears in all other games, still named the P90. In Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, the P90 will have the appearance of the civilian PS90 when the Heavy Barrel attachment is equipped.

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  • The P90 has used a different set of iron sights in each of its appearances (excluding Battlefield 2, where the stock red dot sight is used instead).
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