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The PDS-1 (Personal Deployed Sonar) is an unlockable gadget featured in Battlefield 2142. It is available to the Engineer class after unlocking the AE-Defuser and NetBat Vehicle ID

It provides wide-area scanning for enemy vehicles based on the characteristic noise they emit during operation. Any vehicle within its detection range is automatically identified and its coordinates transmitted via NetBat and visible on all players' map view and minimap.

As a "sticky" device, it can be planted on any surface or vehicle, but not on other players. It can be placed on the ground to detect the surrounding area. It can also be placed on friendly vehicles to provide early warning, or on neutral and enemy vehicles to track their movement.


  • Both the PDS-1 and IDS-1 can detect targets within a certain map radius. The detection calculation ignores height, so both devices have virtually unlimited range along the "Z"-axis.