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The PF-98 in real life, being operated by two PLA soldiers.

The QAB PF-98 (or Type 98) is a 120mm Chinese rocket launcher made by Norinco. It was designed to replace the aging Type 78 and Type 65 recoilless rifles of the People's Liberation Army arsenal during the late nineties.

The launcher itself is reusable and has a fiberglass-lined tube, giving it a low weight for its size. Two versions of the launcher exist, both with 4X telescopic day/night sights attached. The company-level version has a computer that helps assist in leading a target after it has been acquired while the battalion-level version has that, as well a laser range-finder and an LED display.

The PF-98 has only been featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the PF-98 is the standard rocket launcher issued to the PLA Engineer kit. It is also mounted on the secondary position of the PLA BMD-3 and the MEC BMP-2. It performs identically to the USMC SMAW, the EU Carl-Gustaf M3, and the MEC RPG-7V. Without a locking feature, this weapon works best for its intended purpose - destroying enemy armor.

Tanks pose little threat to a coordinated assault by multiple Engineers armed with this launcher. However, against helicopters such as the AH-64 or AH-6J Little Bird, this launcher is ineffective. Unless if the user can predict where the helicopter will be, the rocket will likely miss. Any hit to a helicopter will destroy it, so if a user practices their aim or if the pilot is predictable, then the user may be able to take down the helicopter.

As for the tank-mounted PF-98 on the BMD and BMP, it provides a helpful edge in armor engagement as the launcher acts almost like an unguided TOW missile seen on the M3A3 Bradley in other Battlefield titles.

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