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Type 95 SPAA

The Type 95 SPAA in reality.

The Type 95 SPAAA (PLA military designation: PGZ95) is a Chinese self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle. It is armed with four 25 millimeter cannons and optionally four fire-and-forget QW-2 infra-red homing missiles. It was first displayed publicly at the Beijing Military Parade in 1999. The Type 95 SPAAA appears in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 2

The Type 95 SPAA (referred as the PGZ-95 in the killfeed) is the PLA's anti-aircraft vehicle. It is also the equivalent of the USMC M6 Linebacker and the MEC 2K22 Tunguska.

Battlefield 4

The Type 95 SPAAA, labeled as the Type 95 AA, reappears in Battlefield 4 as the PLA's mobile anti-aircraft vehicle. The vehicle is also amphibious. 

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