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Type 95 SPAA

The Type 95 SPAA in reality.

The Type 95 SPAAA (PLA military designation: PGZ95) is a Chinese self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle. It is armed with four 25 millimeter cannons and optionally four fire-and-forget QW-2 infra-red homing missiles. It was first displayed publicly at the Beijing Military Parade in 1999. The Type 95 SPAAA appears in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 2

The PGZ-95 (referred as the type95 in the game files) is the PLA's anti-aircraft vehicle. It is also the equivalent of the USMC M6 Linebacker and the MEC 2K22 Tunguska.

The PGZ-95's primary role is to destroy or suppress air assets on the battlefield. It comes equipped with a set of dual-cannon as well as anti-air missiles.

Its dual cannons fire a large volume of explosive rounds with a set deviation of 0.25. It will overheat after continuous firing for around twenty seconds, but recovers after four seconds. Its crosshairs are a bit off, and the player cannot aim below the 90 angle arc, making road-killing or trying to back up firing at the same time the only viable option for nearby enemies. Versus vehicles, aircraft in particular are very vulnerable to the PGZ-95's rounds, but it also does decent against light vehicles such as buggies and jeeps. However, against heavy vehicles, the PGZ-95 will do very little damage, and it is very vulnerable to the primary weapons of APCs and MBTs.

The PGZ-95 carries a total of twelve missiles that must be locked onto an aircraft however since four can be fired off in rapid succession it can easily fire at a helicopter who just evaded two missiles. It requires two missiles, maximum, to take down any air vehicle regardless of type.

The passenger position on the PZG-95 can use any equipment, from AT weapons to the repair tool, which can increase the effectiveness of the vehicle.

Battlefield 4

The Type 95 SPAAA, labeled as the Type 95 AA, reappears in Battlefield 4 as the PLA's mobile anti-aircraft vehicle.


In singleplayer the Type 95 AA is only seen in Singapore at the beginning of the level. They will fire upon the player until a squad command is given, after which Anvil 2 will fire upon a vehicle, destroying each in one shot.


The Type 95 AA's main role is to provide anti-aircraft fire and suppression. It can also engage light ground targets with ease such as armored vehicles and buggies. The Type 95 AA can be easily destroyed by MBTs, PT Boats or IFVs.

The main armament for the Type 95 AA is its cannon (all cannon on Mobile AA have the same damage output against vehicles, regardless of faction). Each shot type, however, has a different niche with individual stats -- 20mm shells do not have as much damage output as 30mm, and fire at 2000 rounds per second versus the 600 rounds per second with heavy shells. 30mm fires at a slower rate, but does higher damage against close range targets and vehicles. Overheat time is also important to note: 20mm will overheat after six seconds of continuous fire, while 30mm overheats after three-and-a-half seconds.

In short, 20mm is more potent against targets who are far away on maps such as Paracel Storm or Golmud Railway, while 30mm is better suited to maps which have no jets or helicopters, such as Zavod 311.

The Type 95 AA's secondary armament are missiles and rockets. The type of missile can come down to player preference. Heatseekers are a "fire and forget" type of missile, similar to the FIM-92 Stinger. Passive Radar is good for those who have time and guide the missile to the target, similar to the SA-18 IGLA. Zuni rockets allows players to engage heavily armored vehicles such as MBT and IFVs with greater efficiency, and combined with 30mm, can become a "support vehicle" for tanks and other IFVs, but can be deflected by Active protection. The Active Radar Missiles can be used to lead enemy targets.

Countermeasures come down to player preference. IR Smoke deflects missile lock-ons. Smoke Screen decreases chances of critical hits. Extinguisher can be used to quickly negate the "bleed-out" damage of a vehicle. Active Protection protects from incoming missile and rocket fire.

Optics is player preference. Zoom helps at long range or precise aiming at infantry over long distances or going for quick kills, Thermal makes the screen black and white, all "heated objects" are in black and white and players show up in white in black grounds, useful in cases where enemies are in foliage. IRNV scope function similar to thermal but makes the screen green for cold objects and orange/yellow for heated objects.

Upgrades help with abilities: maintenance helps the player recover quickly from anti-vehicle weaponry; Thermal Camo increase time to lock on, making it effective against lock on weaponry such as Javelins and Guided missiles from aircraft. Auto-reloader works well for 30mm as it reduces time for reload; Proximity Scan detects AT mines and personnel, useful in high traffic roads or for detecting people in ambuscade; Reactive Armor decreases damage against incoming fire, giving an edge in direct combat. Air Radar helps locate aerial vehicles, but replaces the minimap.

Generally speaking, the AA is at a disadvantage against MBTs and IFVs, as they are equipped with stronger armor and weaponry. As stated above, however, zuni rockets enable an AA to fight heavier armor. Its also important to note that a chopper/jet can still destroy a Mobile AA with correct teamwork.

The vehicle is also amphibious allowing it to cross rivers and lakes.

The Type 95 AA is identical to the Russian 2K22 Tunguska in in terms of stats, while the American LAV-AD has to wheels instead of treads, but the three are otherwise identical.


Battlefield 2

  • As long as a player occupies the driver's seat of the PGZ-95, the radar dish atop the vehicle will spin.

Battlefield 4

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