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"The PK-74 AR-Rocket is fabricated from a fiberglass-zinc amalgam and filled with a highly explosive synthetic fuel compound. When attached to the soldier's standard Assault Rifle it results in a compact and lightweight rifle rocket, ideal for a portable launcher. The Universal Ammunition, shared with the Herzog AR-Shotgun, features variable fusing allowing for both impact and airburst detonations."

— In-game Description

The PK-74 AR-Rocket is an attachment (or more accurately ammunition) that is used on the SCAR 11, Bofors Defense Rifle, Krylov FA-37, Voss L-AR and Baur H-AR assault rifles. It appears in Battlefield 2142.


Mounted in an under barrel configuration, the PK-74 AR-Rocket adds substantial anti-vehicle power to any assault rifle's standard repertoire. The PK-74 utilizes the same Universal Ammo as the Herzog AR-Shotgun, allowing for intercompatibility between the two weapons.

Each rifle has their own visual characteristics when using this attachment:

  • In the SCAR 11, the rounds in the form of a small rack are loaded into an open slot in the top of the stock.
  • In the Bofors, the rounds in a rectangular magazine are loaded into an opening slot located on the left side, close to the weapon's handguard.
  • In the Krylov, the rounds are used in a small cylinder magazine loaded directly into the underbarrel attachment featured on the weapon.
  • In the Voss, the rounds in a small box are mounted on the top of the stock of the weapon.
  • In the Bauer, the rounds in a rectangular magazine are loaded into another tilting slot like the main magazine under the weapon near the trigger.


The rockets must travel further than 20 meters to detonate, a feature designed to protect the user from accidents. The rounds still inflict striking damage on targets inside this range, but do not explode. Beyond 20m, the rocket will explode on impact or upon reaching the preset distance, whichever comes first.

The rocket's self-detonation distance can be set by using the rifle's scope (alt-fire). The mouse wheel adjusts this distance in 2m increments. Aiming at an object will automatically set the distance to that object, which can be used to target an enemy's cover and adjust as needed. If no valid object is aimed at, a default distance of 20m is used.

The rockets experience slight drop over range, with the weapon's full reticule corresponding roughly to its drop over 100m. Skilled rocket users can take advantage of drop to fire over cover protecting them from direct-fire weapons, such as sniper rifles.

A single rocket will inflict just over 50% damage maximum on any infantry target. The Advanced Magazine unlock can provide rocket users with enough ammunition to take on two separate targets at full health. The rockets can also damage Light Armored Vehicles and aircraft, though expert target leading skills may be required on moving targets.