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PK Machine Gun

The PKM in real life. It is shown with an attached bipod

The PKM (Russian: Пулемёт Калашникова Модернизированный Pulemyot Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyĭ; English: Kalashnikov's machine-gun modernized) is a Soviet general purpose machine gun variant of the PK machine gun, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the early 1960s. It was put into service with the Soviet armed forces and currently in production in Russia. It fires 7.62x54mmR rounds at a rate of fire of around 750 rounds per minute up to an effective range of 1500 meters (1640 yards).

Battlefield 2Edit

"The 7.62mm PKM is a 16 kilo machine gun which has amazing firepower but extremely inaccurate due to its massive recoil. Best results are achieved when firing from prone, stationary position."

— In game description.

The PKM is a Tier One unlock in Battlefield 2 for the Support kit. It possesses one of the highest damage values out of any handheld weapon in the game, on par with the semi-automatic sniper rifles, as well as one of the most comparatively low spread and recoil values of the light machine guns. However, as with the other belt-fed machine guns, it has a comparatively long reload cycle.



The PKT appears as the coaxial secondary weapon on the T-90. Its stats are identical to the M2 and Type 85 HMG heavy machineguns which appear as the coaxial mounts on the M1A2 Abrams and Type 98 respectively; high damage with low spread. It has infinite ammo, but can overheat if used continuously for too long.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

The PKM is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, issued to the MEC Support kit. It has a 100 box magazine and 2 in reserve. It has high power, a good rate of fire, but poor accuracy when continuously firing, even when prone.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

"Russian general purpose machinegun. This high calibre machinegun is famous for its power and reliability and is used in many different countries. "

— In game description.

The PKM is a light machine gun featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


The PKM is the standard light machine gun for Russian and Serdaristani forces. It first appears in Acta Non Verba, Air Force One and can be found multiple times during Par for the Course, once as a collectible on a crate.


The PKM is the default light machine gun for the Russian Support kit. The American counterpart of the gun is the M249 SAW and the MEC counterpart is the QJY-88. It has a 150-round magazine and the player will have two 150 magazines in reserve. It has a good rate of fire and medium damage, but its performance is hampered by low accuracy.


Battlefield OnlineEdit

The PKM is a weapon featured in Battlefield Online.

Battlefield HeroesEdit


The PKM was released as part of the Battlefield Heroes Gets Bad Company event, and is available through the store to both the National Army and the Royal Army. The PKM has a 120-round magazine and works best at longer ranges, thanks to its low rate of fire and decent accuracy. However, as with all Gunner weapons, the PKM's accuracy degrades at extreme range, which can prove problematic on maps such as Midnight Madness and Sunset Showdown, where long range firing is prevalent.

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Specialist's Tier 1 PKMEdit

The Specialist's Tier 1 PKM was released as part of the Tier 1 event, and acts as the close range machine gun variant of the PKM. The Specialist's Tier 1 variant has a 130-round magazine and a high rate of fire, making it very effective at close range encounters, but it's low accuracy means it is less effective at longer ranges. A special desert camouflage, similar to that of the Tier 1 Specialist outfit, is present on the weapon, but has very little use. Maps such as Riverside Rush and Victory Village, where the fighting is mostly close range combat, are where the Specialist's Tier 1 PKM works very well, although other, more specialized weapons, such as shotguns and knifes, can be superior at those ranges.

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Released as part of the Battlefield Heroes Christmas event, the SOF PKM is available to National Army gunners.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

"Russian general purpose machine gun adopted worldwide for its rugged operation and reliability. With a high rate of fire and 7.62x54mm caliber it provides excellent long range capability."

— In-game description

The PKM LMG is a first light machine gun featurd in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, issued to the Medic kit. It boasts medium power and low recoil. For a starting weapon, the PKM is surprisingly effective having both considerable damage and high accuracy, even during prolonged bursts. While moving however, it suffers massive accuracy penalties, as do all other light machine guns. Its main drawback is the slow rate of fire, a common disadvantage for LMGs, which makes it inferior to most assault rifles when on the move. The addition of wide crosshairs and terrible accuracy when hip firing also place it below most other guns at close range. The PKM deals some of the most damage per second out of the LMGs, with good accuracy.



The PKT is an coaxial variation of the PKM, it appears to be mounted on the T-90.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

The PKM is issued to the Medic kit. It has an average rate of fire, medium damage, high recoil and high accuracy . It boasts an 80-round belt with 160 rounds in reserve. Compared to its closest counterpart, the M60, the PKM is slightly more accurate and fires faster at the cost of lower damage.

The PKT is an coaxial variation of the PKM, it appears mounted on T-90.


Battlefield 3Edit

The PKT is a weapon featured in the singleplayer of Battlefield 3 and is used by passengers riding in the BMP-2M. It is also used as the coaxial light machine gun for the T-90A and BMP-2M. It performs similarly to its Bad Company 2 equivalent, allowing a driver with the Coaxial LMG vehicle specialization to be more effective against infantry.

The PKP Pecheneg is a modernization of the PKM much like the AK-74M is to the AK-74. It is available for Support class as an unlockable weapon.


  • In Battlefield Play4Free, the Veteran PKM and Elite PKM were originally separate variations of the default PKM, different firing rates and values. Like most other Veteran and Elite weapons, they were later made into skins, only differing ascetically.

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