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A PKP Pecheneg in real life.

The PKP Pecheneg is a modernized version of the PKM machine gun, designed to be more accurate with the use of a non-interchangeable air-cooled barrel while firing the same 7.62x54mmR round of the PKM. Named for the ancient settlers of Russia, the Pecheneg is capable of mounting telescopic sights to further improve its accuracy over range. Unlike the PKM, the weapon's barrel is not detachable, but it can still use the same box magazines that can hold 100, 200, or even 250 rounds of ammunition. The weapon also retains the same tripod mounting mechanism as the PKM, but it is more suited in the light machine gun role.

Battlefield 3

"Another Modernization of a traditional Russian weapon, the PKP Pecheneg replaces the PKM machine gun in service with Spetsnaz units. Firing a heavier round than the RPK-74M the Pecheneg is able to supply greater suppressive fire thanks to its greater power and belt feed. The Pecheneg comes equipped with a bipod for supported shooting by default."

— Battlelog description

In Battlefield 3, the PKP Pecheneg is first seen used in the Operation Métro gameplay trailer with a PK-A 3.4x scope.


It is first found during the Singleplayer campaign in Operation Guillotine as the mounted weapon in the two PLR MG nests near the canal.

It can also be picked up from fallen bodyguards situationed inside the villa during the mission, Kaffarov.


It is the fifth unlock for the Support kit at 60.000 Support points. It is best used with the bipod deployed, as without it, the PKP Pecheneg has harsh vertical recoil. However, recoil can be countered by firing the weapon in bursts or by attaching a foregrip, which dramatically reduces vertical drift. The PKP's iron sights are quite obstructive; optics are recommended, considering the weapon's heavy recoil.



  • The Pecheneg in multiplayer has different ironsights than that of singleplayer and co-op, the sights being more aligned in multiplayer than in the other modes.
  • Strangely, in single-player and co-op, the PKP never utilizes a bipod, unlike other LMGs in the game. However, this is compensated by its very high accuracy in campaign and co-op.
  • In the singleplayer campaign it's used as a mounted weapon, but when picked up by the player it doesn't have a bipod.

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