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|fire = Automatic
|fire = Automatic
|ammotype = 9x19mm}}
|ammotype = 9x19mm}}
The PP-2000 returns in [[Battlefield 4]],it has an appearance almost identical to that of the Battlefield 3 version and like the latter has the stock extended back.
The '''PP-2000''' returns in [[Battlefield 4]]. It has an appearance almost identical to that of the Battlefield 3 version and like the latter has the stock extended back.

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The PP-2000 in real life with a reflex sight and folding stock.

The PP-2000 (Russian: Pistolet pulemet 2000; English: Machine Pistol 2000) is a Russian machine pistol designed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau and is classified as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). It fires the 9x19mm Parabellum round at 600-800 rounds per minute. It was first introduced to the public in 2004.

Battlefield: Bad Company

"Ultra modern Russian submachine gun, first shown to the public in 2004. Used by Russian police and security forces and claimed to be superior to many foreign competitors. "

— In game description

In Battlefield: Bad Company's singleplayer, the PP2000 can be found on the mission Par for the Course as a collectible.

In multiplayer, it is issued to the Specialist kit as an unlockable. It has a 60 round magazine and the fastest rate of fire (along with the MG3) of all guns in-game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

"This modern submachine gun has the unique ability to store a 44 round magazine at the rear where it also functions as a stock. Designed for personal defense and close quarter combat, it is often used by SWAT."

— In-game description

Only available in multiplayer, the PP-2000 Avtomat is the 6th submachine gun issued to the Engineer kit requiring 32,000 points to unlock. It can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight or a 4X Rifle Scope. It has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, tied with the Medic's MG3. It has a comparatively large magazine of 40 rounds in-game. At closer ranges, the PP-2000 is very effective due to its extremely high rate of fire. Bullet per bullet, the PP-2000 does less damage than other weapons of the same class, but its high rate of fire give it a higher damage per second than any other submachine gun. The PP-2000 only lets the user carry 2 magazines in reserve, however. Equipping the Ammo Hip Bandolier specialization can solve that problem, though.

Battlefield Play4Free

In Battlefield Play4Free, the PP-2000 is the default submachine gun issued to the Engineer kit. The weapon, like most of the submachine guns, has very low recoil and performs very well in close range, as well as having the quickest reload time.

Battlefield 3

"Though chambered in the standard 9x19mm caliber, the PP-2000 is designed to use Russian overpressure rounds at high velocity to penetrate body armor. The high muzzle velocity of the PP-2000 gives it a flatter trajectory than other 9mm weapons, and its compact size make it ideal as a Personal Defense Weapon. When equipped with the 40 round extended magazine the PP-2000 also functions admirably in a CQB assault role."

— Battlelog description

The PP-2000 is an all kit weapon, unlocked at Rank 7 in Multiplayer. It is also featured in the single-player campaign in the mission Kaffarov before Dima picks up his weapons out of the tube.

The PP-2000 is the third all-kit weapon to be unlocked, after the G17C and the 870MCS. It has 20+1 rounds in a magazine (40+1 with the Extended Magazine Attachment), and a slower rate of fire than the counterpart in the previous Bad Company series, as it fires at 650 rpm and its low firerate makes it more controllable than other PDWs at medium range. Unlike most PDWs, the damage drop off starts at 12 meters rather than at the usual 8 meters, effectively letting it kill in 4 hits (excluding head and leg hits) up to 12 meters. Overall, this weapon is effective, especially with Extended Magazines as the moderate damage, very low recoil and good hipfire make it versatile for most close to medium range engagements, and while the low rate of fire reduces its time-to-kill and effectiveness in close quarters against other PDWs, it helps reduce ammo consumption marginally compared to most other PDWs with high fire rates (such as M5K).

It should also be noted, like other PDW and Pistols, that the PP-2000 has moderately low bullet velocity.



Battlefield 4

The PP-2000 returns in Battlefield 4. It has an appearance almost identical to that of the Battlefield 3 version and like the latter has the stock extended back.


The PP-2000 is unlocked after scoring 10,000 points with PDWs.

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  • In Bad Company 2, the in-game description states the PP-2000 as having a unique stock being able to hold a 44 round magazine, though in-game the PP-2000 has a 40 round magazine.
  • In Battlefield 3 the PP-2000's Proficiency Dogtag shows the PP-2000 with the stock folded and a mounted Suppressor, like in the Bad Company series.
  • In Battlefield Play4Free the PP-2000 uses a high-capacity magazine as a stock.
  • In the Battlefield 4 beta the PP-2000's laser sight suffered from a misplacement error. The laser sight would float under the front of the handle.


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