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The Pan-Asian Coalition, abbreviated as PAC, is a fictional military alliance in the Battlefield universe, composed of several major Asian countries. They appear in Battlefield 2142, fighting against the European Union for the last remaining habitable land on Earth. They are referenced heavily in Battlefield 4: Final Stand and Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2142[]

The Pan-Asian Coalition is one of two playable factions in Battlefield 2142: fighting against the EU in The Cold War of the 22nd century. It is one of the six worlds' factions by 2138[1] . It consists primarily of Eurasian nations, with Russia as its lead.


The Pan-Asian Coalition formed after 2106, at the start of the ice age[2]. It is largely unknown what the foreign relations between the PAC and other factions were. Its likely geopolitical rival was the European Union and Union of African States.

Classes and Weapons[]

Pan-Asian Coalition soldiers use a dark olive-green uniform with black body armor. Most classes use a helmet with protective eye covers, while the Recon uses a helmet that almost covers their face. Troops with the Body Armor upgrade equipped are identifiable by additional black plating on their upper arms, shoulders, and thighs.

In Northern Strike and a few other post-release maps, the PAC soldiers use a solid greyish-white camouflage with silver armor plating. All classes except for the Recon also wear face wraps. The Body Armor upgrade provides grey pauldrons and armor plating similar to the standard uniform.

Equipment webbing along the belt and legs of PAC troops pertains to the specific classes.

Kit Normal Body Armor Northern Strike Body Armor
PAC Recon Light Armor PAC Recon Heavy Armor NS PAC Recon Light Armor NS PAC Recon Heavy Armor
PAC Assault Light Armor PAC Assault Heavy Armor NS PAC Assault Light Armor NS PAC Assault Heavy Armor
PAC Engineer Light Armor PAC Engineer Heavy Armor NS PAC Engineer Light Armor NS PAC Engineer Heavy Armor
PAC Support Light Armor PAC Support Heavy Armor NS PAC Support Light Armor NS PAC Support Heavy Armor


PAC tend to utilize a three-tone color scheme of green, dark green, and white on all their vehicles. The EU and PAC both use the Rorsch Mk-S8 and Kz-27 emplacements.

In the Northern Strike booster pack, the Pan-Asian Coalition is issued the Type-36 Hachimoto, a Fast Attack Vehicle with a significant offensive weaponry boost compared to its counterparts. It has no EU counterpart.

Fast Attack Vehicle V pa4wheel03 UAZ-8 Ocelot
Main Battle Tank V patank02 Type 32 Nekomata
Armored Personnel Carriers V papersonnelcarrier05 BTR-4 Romanov
V pahachimoto07 Type-36 Hachimoto
Battle Walker V pabattlewalker04 T-39 Bogatyr
Air Transport V paairtransport06 BTR-20 Yastreb
Gunship Pacvehicle8 Type 4 Doragon
Titan BF2142 PAC Type-2 Titan Type-2 Titan
Emplacements Static av c Rorsch Mk-S8
Static aa c Rorsch Kz-27
BF2142PodLauncher Pod Launcher


Military Units[]

  • Central Command Group: Elite unit within the PAC. They fought at the Battle of Minsk, where they broke through the southern flank of defending EU Forces and forced a withdrawal of EU Forces from the city. [3]
  • PAC X Command Division: They engaged trapped EU Forces in Belgrade for over a month within the city alongside the PAC II Command Division. Later, the Northern Command Group reinforces them.[4]
  • PAC II Command Division: They engaged trapped EU Forces in Belgrade for over a month within the city alongside the PAC X Command Division. Later, the Northern Command Group reinforces them. [4]
  • Northern Command Group: They fought in Bulgaria before the PAC annexed the area. They were sent to Belgrade to help bolster the PAC forces and forced the EU forces in the city to surrender. Later, they were sent to Germany. They airdropped regiments behind an EU Force, located at the Brandenburger Line, forcing them to capitulate. [4] [5]
  • PACs AA Command Division: They were sent to Camp Gibraltar as part of a deception strategy to draw EU Forces out of positions in Africa. [6]
  • PAC Special Forces: They are PAC Commandos at Cerbere Landing utilizing the new IT-33 Active Camouflage disabled EU defenses, allowing the main force to land over Cerbere. PAC Special Forces would launch multiple incursions at Sidi Power Plant. [7] [8]
  • Southern Command Group: They fought for control over the Suez Canal. [9]
  • 8th Command Regiment: They fought at Tunis Harbor. [10]


  • General Arkadi Petrov - Lead PAC Forces at the Battle of Minsk. [3]
  • General Yuri Vladomirovic - Lead PAC forces at Cerbere Landing. [7]
  • General Muunokhoi - Lead PAC forces at Suez Canal [9]

Technology and Equipment[]

BF2142 E3Trailer MinskWalkers

A PAC T-39 Bogatyr and Type 32 Nekomata advancing onto an EU position.

Prior to the war, the Pan-Asian Coalition were the original creators of the Titan, originally designed as transport vehicles for their civilian population before being repurposed and refitted for military service with the Type 2 Titan being the most recent incarnation[11]. The Battle Walker, with the T-1 being the first Battle-walker (with the most recent adaptation being the T-39 Bogatyr) and was made in response to the changing global landscape necessitating a more versatile assault platform[12], and creation of hover technology utilizing state-of-the-art, air-assisted levitation technology which would go on to be used on their main battle tank the Type 32 Nekomata, and a fast attack vehicle called the Type-36 Hachimoto later in the war [13] [14]. To compete, the EU adopted the Titan and Battle-Walker. They opted for a tracked tank instead of hover technology. Despite this, before the war, the PAC created the UAZ-8 Ocelot based on a stolen MK-15 Bandit prototype from the EU [15][note 2].

During the Cold War, PAC scientists would go on to develop the DS-22 Sniper Decoy, which put a decoy on opposing force's maps and hid the user within a short distance[16]. In addition, the PAC was the first to utilize IT-33 Active Camouflage at Cerbere Landing to sabotage defenses inside and allow PAC forces to land within the area [7]. The EU adopted both gadgets to stay competitive during the war.

PAC vehicles generally use curved and inflated designs; armaments differ with the PAC preferring autocannons on their vehicles (namely VTOLs and their Battle-Walkers) over the EU preference of utilizing miniguns. PAC aircraft use Self-Limiting Explosive Reactive Armor (SLERA) [17] or a comprehensive steel-ceramic matrix shell [11]. Ground vehicles utilize by full-coated, high-impact armor[12] or reactive armor [13]. Uniquely, the Type 4 Doragon and Type-36 Hachimoto use a form of camera that allows the pilot/driver to see outside the vehicle while being protected completely inside the vehicle.

PAC forces rely on lightweight, high-tech infantry weapons; they tend to fire at a higher rate of fire with lower damage in comparison to their EU counterparts. PAC infantry weapons utilize caseless munitions for their weapons, such as the standard issue Krylov FA-37 assault rifle and the standard issue MG Shuko K-80 LMG, with the Park 52 Sniper Rifle utilizing a 14mm flechette. As with most handheld weapons, they utilize computers within the weapons to assist in operating in cold conditions.

Battlefield 4[]

In Battlefield 4, the Pan Asian Coalition is referenced heavily throughout the maps included in the Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC. Due to the storyline continuing with Battlefield 2042, the DLC is likely a homage to Battlefield 2142 and not a canonical entry for either Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 2142.

After penetrating deep into Chinese territory, US Forces gathered intel that the Russian Military has several testing facilities across Russia [18], predominantly in Siberia and one in Karelia. Unbeknownst to the US, however, the Russians began to form the Pan-Asian Coalition in an effort to turn the tides of the war in their favor [19]. The US Marines began a series of raids on the test sites finding out that the test sites include a prototype Walker testing Facility in Karelia, a test and production facility in Siberia for the HT-95 Levkov, a turretless tank that can hover above ground utilizing thrusters, a Submarine base that includes a testing facility for the XD-1 Accipiter, and a large facility located in the side of a mountain for the creation and testing of a new airborne aircraft carrier called a Titan in addition to Assault Pod that could launch infantry over a large area. Throughout the battles, both Russian and American forces utilized experimental technology to turn the tide of war in their favor. In addition, this was the first time such technology was utilized.

Throughout the DLC, A Private Military Corporation known as the Arkhangel Korporation, likely assisted the Russian government and military in developing futuristic weapons. The company appears on banners on the maps Hangar 21 and Hammerhead. With them assisting with the creations of Submarines, the XD-1 Accipiter Remote controlled combat Drone, and the Titan. It is also likely they either created or assisted in the creation of the prototype Walkers, the Rorsch Mk-1, a prototype man portable railgun capable of damaging vehicles, and the Schipunov 42 metal storm launcher, and the HT-95 Levkov.

It is unknown what happened after the battles.

Battlefield 2042[]

In Battlefield 2042, some of the most direct references to Pan-Asian Coalition come from Customization. For example, in Season 7: Turning Point, a "Type-48 Bakeneko" skin was introduced for U.S. MBT M1A5.

Introduced in Season 7, the "Thousand Petals Coalition" was heavily implied to be the predecessor of PAC[20]. In the "Thousand Petals Coalition" Codex, it stated that "the Coalition knew that with patience they would flourish over the next hundred years. One day, the three-petaled lotus flower would bloom," referring to the flag of Pan-Asian Coalition and the setting of Battlefield 2142.


  1. While not directly stated to have been a member of the PAC, the names of Type 32 Nekomata, Type-36 Hachimoto, and Type 4 Doragon all suggest that Japan is a major party in the PAC, as all three are PAC vehicles.
  2. The description on both the website and strategy guide states the year of the UAZ-8 creation as 2032, almost 70 years before the supposed formation of the PAC in the early 2100s. It could be a typo for the year 2132.


  1. "By early 2138, the world's six factions were heavily fortified, ready to battle over the world's remaining land and resources. Expecting an invasion by the PAC into the agriculture-rich plains of Northern Africa, the European Federation concentrated its resources along the Mediterranean, ready to assist the Union of African States. A foray by two PAC battalions into Egypt seemed to confirm their suspicions, but the attacks were merely decoys, meant to distract the world from the PAC's primary objective, to destroy the military might of the EU's premiere units still located in Europe." - BF2142 Official website - maps
  2. In 2106, the world froze. After a hundred years of debate and dissension, the world’s governments were forced to face the reality of global warming—the next Ice Age had arrived. As snow and storms swept down from the north, living space and resources were swallowed by the encroaching ice and a frantic battle for survival began across the globe. Small-scale conflicts bloomed into major confrontations, as desperate nations united to form new superpowers—the European-led EU forces and Russo-Asian PAC army.
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