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The Panzerfaust (English: "Armor Fist" or "Tank Fist") is an inexpensive, single shot, recoilless anti-tank weapon produced by Germany during World War II. It consists of a small, disposable pre-loaded launch tube firing a high-explosive anti-tank grenade, and was intended to be operated by a single soldier.

The Panzerfaust's direct ancestor was the similar, smaller-warhead Faustpatrone ordnance device. The Panzerfaust was in use from 1943 until the end of the war. The weapon's concepts played an important part in the development of the later Russian RPG weapon systems such as the RPG-2. Most notably, the RPG-7 added a sustainer rocket motor to the grenade.

Battlefield VEdit

"The Panzerfaust is a disposable launch tube firing a shaped charge Anti-Tank warhead."

— In-game description

The Panzerfaust is a weapon featured in Battlefield V.


The Panzerfaust can be found at various points throughout the singleplayer, obtained from weapons caches. It is carried by enemy German machine gunners throughout the war stories, who may fire it at the player if they are in cover. It is also used by US Army gunners encountered in The Last Tiger.


It is available by default to the Assault kit. Two are available upon spawning, but a maximum of three can be carried.

It inflicts moderate damage against ground vehicles, major damage against air vehicles, destroying the latter in around four to six hits and the latter in a single hit. It also has some destructive power against buildings and fortifications, but significantly less so compared to the PIAT. It also has a lower inner and outer blast radius at 3 and 1.2m respectively, and blast damage is also much lower, meaning users must directly impact a full health infantry target to kill them. Reloading is also slower than the PIAT, as the launcher must be disposed of and a new one readied. The Panzerfaust has advantages over the PIAT in several areas, such as low ricochet change. Projectile drop is less and muzzle velocity higher, but still requires significant compensation when shooting at distant, moving targets.

The Panzerfaust can be fired from the hip, but going so reduces accuracy compared to when "aimed". Both the sound of the weapon being fired and the disposable launch tube being dropped can attract undue attention.


The Panzerfaust can also be found randomly in Halvøy during Firestorm. It is classified as a Rare item.



  • The Panzerfaust was known as the Panzerfaust 100 during the Open Beta. In addition, the gadget used the iron sights when zoomed in, and could be zeroed like a bolt-action rifle.
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