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"Set to land with Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture is the Panzerstorm map, a massive terrain of rolling fields excellent for vehicular combat. Mobilize your tanks and carve a path of destruction for a different type of countryside tour."

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Panzerstorm is a map featured in Battlefield V, and the first post-launch map to be introduced to the game as part of the Tides of War live service in Chapter One: Overture on December 5, 2018.[1]

The map takes place in Belgium during the German Invasion in May 1940, which was spearheaded by Wehrmacht mechanised units, with the intent of tying down Allied forces in the prelude to its surprise attack through the Ardennes. The map's depiction of the first major tank engagement on the western front in World War II, the largest in history up to that point, reflects the Battle of Hannut fought between the 12th and 14th of May, 1940.[2]


Panzerstorm takes place on misty morning across an unremarkable agricultural municipality outside of the town of Hannut, Belgium. The focus of the map's capture points consists of small, isolated settlements and buildings connected by a rudimentary network of dirt roads, and a shallow stream along the west and south extremities. These points are set amongst a rough grid of vast, open fields bordered by dry stone walls, which are almost completely barren aside from the occasional furrow and tank wreck, and light vegetation around the periphery. The fields further lack variety in elevation, with only gently sloping hills and depressions precluding any notable areas of strategic high ground. The very sparse cover between capture points allows both infantry and vehicles to engage each other across very long distances.

The map places a heavy emphasis on armored combat in rugged rural terrain, and has been stated to be "the biggest ever Battlefield tank map"[3] with up to 17 tanks can roaming the map at once, in addition to three per side called in from Reinforcements. Conquest is the only available gamemode on this map.


Battlefield V Panzerstorm Conquest Layout

Conquest is fought between seven flags, four of which lie around the edges of the map, in groups of two either side of a central line of three, more proximal objectives. Of these, Forest Cabin and Central Battery are particularly closely packed and have unbroken cover between the two, forming a decisive focal point of the map. Each other objective is separated from each other by large stretches of roadway or open field. As such, teams must utilize the high numbers of tanks and transport vehicles to more efficiently cover ground on this highly expansive map.

Each team starts the battle with 500 tickets and, as with Devastation, a single capture point already under their control, with Farmers Row held initially by the Germans and the British holding onto Southern Warehouses. These forward points each provide an additional tank spawn, bringing each team's starting armored strength to seven vehicles. Furthermore vehicle repair and resupply stations can be found at every objective location.[4]


Flag Germany 1933 Germany
Light vehicle(s)

x2 Kubelwagen


x4 Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack


6x Panzer 38t
Panzer IV
Flakpanzer IV
Tiger I

Fixed-wing aircraft

2x Bf 109 G-2/Bf 109 G-6/Stuka B-1/Stuka B-2/Ju-88 A


Flak 38
PaK 40

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Light vehicle(s)

x2 Universal Carrier


x4 M3


6x Staghound T17E1
Valentine Mk VIII
Valentine AA Mk I
Churchill Mk VII
Churchill Gun Carrier

Fixed-wing aircraft

2x Spitfire Mk VA/Spitfire Mk VB/Mosquito Mk II/Blenheim Mk I/Blenheim Mk IF


Flak 38
6 Pounder

Light vehicle(s)





Aside from their forward spawns at Farmers Row and Southern Warehouses, each team has two possible deployment locations - a primary spawn location at extreme ends of the map, and secondary points closer towards the map center near the map's horizontal boundaries.

Two airhooks for aircraft resupply are found on the map, located behind each team's primary spawn at the east and west ends of play.

German DeploymentsEdit

Germany's main deployment is on the far east side of the map, on the reverse slope of a small hill obscuring view to Farmers Row. This is the spawn used to deploy the team's tanks and aircraft, with accompanying ammo, health, and vehicle repair stations, and defensive Flak 38 emplacement. A dirt road out of the area takes players around the base of the hill, connecting to southeast. Another tarmac road drives westwards along the northern border of the map, eventually connecting to the British's primary spawn. In terms of transport, two Kubelwagens and two Sd. Kfz 251 Halftracks spawn here, the latter of which are each towing a Flak 38 and PaK 40.

The team's secondary deployment is halfway along the northern tarmac road, at the base of a radiomast. Directly across the road to the southwest is Dairy Farm, allowing infantry rapid access to the central line of objectives. This deployment has similar access to healing, resupply and repairs, as well as a single anti-aircraft gun. The flag spawns two Sd. Kfz 251s, one of which may tow a Flak 38.

British DeploymentsEdit

The primary spawn of the British is found on the west end of the map, situated on a flat mudplain abreast the main road. It is located directly west of Southern Warehouses with clear sightlines across the open field between the points, and thus is considerably more open than Germany's start position. Players can follow a dirt road in, or follow the tarmac road north and then east along the periphery towards Dairy Farm. Alternatively, transports can cut directly across the fields towards the map center, but care must be taken as many of the fields north of the warehouses are waterlogged. Ammo, health and vehicle resupply stations are nearby, as well as an emplaced Flak 38. Two each of Universal Carriers and M3s spawn here, with one each of the latter towing a Flak 38 and 6 Pounder.

The secondary deployment is a short distance southwest of Forest Cabin. The base is on the edge of a scarred field connecting to the southern dirt road, and contains all three types of resupply caches in addition to a single stationary Flak 38, two M3 half-tracks, and a towable Flak gun.


A: Farmers RowEdit

The flag provides one additional tank spawn when captured. This can be spawned in immediately by the Germans at the start of a match, but can be used by the British should the flag fall into their hands. Emplaced behind the houses on the southwest side of the settlement is a Flak 38, positioned to watch over the surrounding hill slope. Additionally, the flag spawns a single three-seater light vehicle and two halftracks, one of which is towing a Flak 38.

An extension of the Germans' deployment defenses can be found by following the road northwest, where at the next junction a small resupply base is set up amongst an old shed. While not a capture objective, the point contains ammo, health and repair stations, a defensive Flak 38, and spawn locations for two Kettenkrads. The area can be additionally fortified through building.

B: Riverside ChurchEdit

Trenches can be dug around the edges of the graveyard on the east and north sides, while the church interior can be reinforced by building cover. Either a Universal Carrier or a Kubelwagen spawns here when controlled by their respective teams.

C: Forest CabinEdit

A vehicle repair station is located on the dirt road to the west of the objective, while health and ammo stations can be constructed around the exterior of the cabin itself. The cabin can be heavily fortified by sandbag walls.

A single half-track and towable anti-tank gun are spawned by this flag.

D: Central BatteryEdit

E: Dairy FarmEdit

A vehicle repair station can be found outside the eastern entrance to the main barn, while ammo and medical caches can be built inside. The barn and adjacent structures can be reinforced with sandbag barricades if their walls are destroyed, while on the exterior Vickers HMG positions can be erected to cover the open terrain between the point and Central Battery.

The flag spawns one half-track and an accompanying towable AT gun.

F: Swine FarmEdit

G: Southern WarehousesEdit