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"Firing a custom-designed, 14mm flechette round, the Park 52 Sniper Rifle provides an equivalent level of force and precision as the EU Morretti SR4 without the cumbersome design factors. Fabricated using the latest metallurgic technologies, the lightweight Park 52 counters accuracy-hampering movement through a shock-resistant, plastic steel barrel bedding. A high-magnification scope allows the sniper a long-range visual field, which can be upgraded through the DysTek Hi-Scope x4."

— In-game description

The Park 52 Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield 2142 and is the standard sniper of the Pan-Asian Coalition Recon kit. The EU equivalent of the rifle is the Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle.

The Park is capable of performing an instant kill with a headshot, and a body shot will do 80 damage at all ranges. After firing, however, the Park takes a second to cycle the next shot, which is enough time for hostiles to return fire if they are close enough to the Recon player. The weapon also takes almost five and a half seconds to reload, significantly longer than most other weapons, which can again endanger the player if caught off guard. Like the other sniper rifles in the game, the Park 52 has no crosshair when fired from the hip. The Park can have difficulty performing well at close ranges without assistance because of these factors; using the Takao T20 instead may be a better option if the player must fight enemies at close range.

The Park is compatible with the DysTek Hi-Scope x4 and Gruber-5 Stabilizer unlocks, giving the weapon an adjustable zoom function and the ability to steady the rifle's scope, respectively. The unlocks greatly benefit the player who opts to snipe from afar.

The Park 52 is almost completely identical to the EU's Morretti SR4. The two rifles only differ in cycling and reload speeds; the Park cycles the next round slightly faster than the Morretti, but reloads almost half a second slower. In all other regards, the weapons are identical to each other and only differ aesthetically.

The Park 52 functions very similarly to the Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle, firing and reloading at the same speed. However, the Zeller-H does significantly more damage at one-hundred, and is also one of the few weapons in the game that is capable of destroying explosives and other soldier equipment. However, the Zeller-H only has three rounds per magazine, and carries only thirty rounds in reserve, compared to the Park's five round capacity and thirty-five round reserve. The Park is still able to instantly kill with a headshot, and can be slightly more versatile than the Zeller-H as long as explosive are not currently an issue for the player's team.


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