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An MD-520N police helicopter.

The MD Helicopters MD 500 series is an American family of light utility civilian and military helicopters. The MD 500 was developed from the Hughes 500, a civilian version of the US Army's OH-6A Cayuse. The series currently includes the MD 500E, MD 520N, and MD 530F. The US military AH-6 Little Bird is based on the MD-500 series. The series of helicopters is also used by several police departments in the United States.

The MD-520N is an improvement of the MD-500 series, utilizing a NOTAR (no-tail-rotor) design, which reduces noise considerably, and eliminates the collision risk of exposed rear rotor blades.

Battlefield Hardline[]

The Patrol Helicopter is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Hardline. It is the Law Enforcement Attack Helicopter; its Criminal counterpart is the Rogue Chopper.


  • The Patrol Helicopter (and the Rogue Chopper) originally had a pilot secondary weapon of heatseeking air missiles, that could be deployed against enemy choppers. However, this was scrapped after the beta game concluded, and did not make an appearance in the official final release.[1] [2]
  • Both helicopters also originally had a gunner secondary weapon of a gunner spotlight, Similarly, this was scrapped after the beta conclusion. [3][4]